Ruger 1911

Ruger 1911 Photos

Another 1911 coming out this year, this time by Sturm Ruger.  There’s been a lot of anticipation about a Ruger 1911 and a fan of The Firearms Blog snapped a photo of the new Shooting Times magazine and shared the images with the world.  Not too many details but since its featured in this month’s Shooting Times, I’m sure its about to hit the gun shops soon.

The image in the banner is photoshopped (badly at that)  but the real Ruger 1911 does have a Ruger logo on the slide which is stainless.  Also, a black checkered beaver tailed grip and a skeletonized trigger and hammer accompany the new 1911 addition for Ruger.  No word on price yet but I would guess it to be around the 800-1000 dollar mark.  Ruger usually gives a good value for its pistols and I would suspect their new 1911 to be no different.

Check out the leaked photos below courtesy of




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Red Jacket Firearms new AR-15


Discovery Channel’s new popular show, Sons of Guns, follows around the crew of Red Jacket Firearms in Louisiana showcasing their firearms builds and manufacturing endeavors.  One memorable moment is when they successfully suppressed a Saiga-12 Shotgun–although the feat had been accomplished before, and the show portrayed the event as if it was the first time ever done.  My personal favorite moment by far with the season was when they gave a kick ass hunting ATV, complete with a mounted Saiga-12 to a wounded war veteran who lost his arm.  My least favorite would be when they tested a M2 Browning in a field with brush while using tracer rounds which resulted in, what would you know, a fire.

This now famous gun shop of the swamps is going to be producing a custom AR-15 build, as if there’s not enough of those already.  But given the amount of publicity the shop has been granted by their new hit show, it’ll probably prove to be a successful move, assuming the rifle works as it should.

The NRA’s website has a short video clip of the new Red Jacket Arms AR-15.  From what I could see, it sports a Magpul UBR along with Magpul BUIS, and a mega-monolithic upper receiver and will have a piston system rather than a traditional DI.  No word on price, but I would expect some sort of premium attached to it.  Maybe will be lucky enough to secure one for review.  Below are screen shots courtesy of the NRA’s American Rifleman; the full video can be seen here.

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Sig Sauer Sig 716


After seeing them at SHOT SHOW, Sig Sauer is finally sending the first batch of Sig 716s through the production line making them available sometime this summer.  The new Sig 716 is based off of their little cousin, the 516, but with the bigger 7.62 round.  Just like the 516, the Sig 716 utilizing a short stroke gas pushrod (piston) system, which many shooters believe improves reliability with the AR platform since it does keep the receiver much cooler and cleaner.

The new Sig 716 will accept SR25 and Magpul Pmags, and all versions of the Sig 716 feature the Magpul MIAD grip.  Also, the Patrol, Carbine, and the CQB versions come with the Magpul ACS stock while the Precision model comes with an expected Magpul PRS stock.  Some other improvements the Precision 716 hosts is a two-stage match trigger and a 20″ heavy HBAR barrel.

Just as the Sig 516, the Sig 716 comes with a free floating quad picatinny rail and features a chrome bore and chamber.  Hopefully these things will be arriving your local and online shops in time for some summer shooting.   Expect the price of the 716 to be around the $1,500 mark, which isn’t a bad deal at all for a gas piston AR-10 type rifle.





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Vicker’s Tactical Glock Side Stop

Vickers Tactical, headed by the legendary Larry Vickers, is producing what seems like a much welcomed modification for Glocks.  Vickers Tactical is now selling an extended slide release which will give Glock owners a little more real estate to manipulate the slide release; Glock’s factory slide release is notorious for being a little too slim to easily function, especially under stress.

The VTSS (Vickers Tactical Slide Stop) was specifically designed to ease the function of the slide release while operating it with gloves on.  Its constructed out of  4130 chome moly steel giving it durability and longevity.  The VTSS will fit on almost all glocks (17, 17l, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 34) and costs only $20.  It is not a drop in replacement though, Vickers Tactical suggest you let a certified Glock Armorer or professional gunsmith do the installation for you. Given the popularity of Vickers Tactical’s other Glock accessory, the extended mag catch, I have no doubts the slide stop will be another must have Glock accessory.



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UTS-15 Shotgun

UTS-15 Review

Turkish shotgun maker UTAS, who has been importing shotguns into the US market quite a bit the last few years, are going to be producing the UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun.  This behemoth pump action shotgun shares quite a few features of the Kel-Tec KSG bullpup shotgun, with some added extras.

The UTS-15 is a dual magazine pump action shotgun which has a total capacity of 14+1 similar to the Kel-Tec KSG.  The UTS-15‘s magazine tubes differ from the KSG by having a selector switch that no only allows just to switch over from tube to tube, but can be switched to have the UTS-15 automatically alternate between tutbes.  Also, the UTS-15 features a shell counter along the top giving an operator an exact round count.

A picatinny rail runs a long the entire top of the UTS-15 which hosts the iron sights and allowing a choice  optics to be placed; the body of this tactical shotgun is made from carbon fiber cutting the weight down significantly.  Built into the lower receiver is a button operated laser and light, furthering the tactical pitch of the UTS-15.   Despite its appearance, the UTS-15 has an overall length of 27″ and weighs only 7.2 lbs (assuming that’s unloaded).

Due to the recent ATF ban on importing shotguns, and assuming the UTS-15 wouldn’t be considered as a “sporting” shotgun (I still consider 3 gunning a sport, but I digress), UTAS will be producing the UTS-15 in the United States for sale.  It looks like later this year will be a battle of the bullpup shotguns.  Although the bullpup shotgun has been around for a while, its never been placed in a wide market or produced on a large scale for civilian use.  Its going to be interesting to see this relatively new genre of pump action shotgun hit the scene.  I don’t have a price on the UTS-15, but given the amount of features and materials used, I would put the price around the 1k mark, give or take a couple hundred.

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California Compliant ISSC M22


ISSC‘s popular M22 will not be available in  California and Massachusetts.  ISSC will be shipping their popular  .22 lr pistols to California and Massachusetts giving those judicially confined shooters a chance to partake in some cheap Glock like plinking fun.

The new ISSC California and Massachusetts compliant M22 will be called the M22G.  It will share all the same features of the M22 with some few changes allowing it to be sold in those states.  The M22G will feature a 10 round magazine; multiple safeties, a picatinny rail and adjustable sights.  Expect the MSRP to be around $300.


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