New Windham Weaponry takes over Bushmaster’s Closed Factory

Good news for former Bushmaster employees at the recently closed Windham Plant, chances are they’ll be getting their jobs back.  The former owner and founder of Bushmaster Firearms International, Richard Dyke, will be moving into the old plant, hiring back about 40 employees, and starting the assembly line again under a new company called Windham Weaponry.  Production is slated to start next month with the first shipments going out in late August/September.

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Magpul Dynamic’s Art of the Precision Rifle

Art of the Tactical Sniper

Yes, it has been confirmed that Magpul Dynamics is going to release a new precision shooting DVD to add to their “Art of” video series.  Although the title isn’t confirmed, I believe it’ll be somewhere along the lines of  “Art of the Precision Shooter.”  I got to talk to Chris Costa of Magpul Dynamics about the new DVD at Shot Show last week.  He had a lot of exciting things to say about his new precision shooting DVD.

Magpul Dynamics teamed up with world class precision marksman Todd Hodnett of Accuracy 1st training to create the new Magpul Dynamics Precision Shooting Video.  Chris seemed sincerely adamant about how awesome it was working with Todd Hodnett on the new DVD.  Although he didn’t give away too many details on the video (including a final title), Chris Costa did say that the formulas Todd Hodnett presents in the video breaks down the usually complicated calculations involved with long range shooting to be ridiculously simple.Chris Costa from Magpul Dynamics
He wouldn’t share the formulas, but Chris stated it would only take seconds to calculate range, clicks, etc… by using the techniques in the new Magpul DVD.  Chris said by using the techniques, he was able to hit 36″ plates, from 1700 yards, using a Larue 16″ OBR–that almost falls in the category of “I gotta see it to believe it.”  But since it’s coming from Chris, I’ll take his word for it.  Hopefully he’ll have some footage of those incredible shots on the new Magpul Dynamics Precision Shooting has secured a copy at release, so we’ll be sure to give you guys a review as we did with the Art of the Dynamic Shotgun.

Magpul just released a video on their YouTube channel.  The name of the new DVD is The Art of the Precision Rifle.  Enjoy the video below:

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Join Gunblog on Facebook!

gunblog facebook page

We are encouring all of our readers to join us on Facebook.  Our facebook friends will automatically get new posts in their news feed, see our exclusive videos and pics on what we’re currently working on, and automatic entry to contests (which we will be having a lot more coming right after shot show with the launch of our forums).  To join, all you need to do is click on the banner and “like” us.

We will also be uploading pics and videos semi-live straight from Shot Show 2011 coming up next week.  So go ahead and friend us to get access to the pics, videos, and give aways!

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Bushmaster Closing Down Windham Maine Factory?

Bushmaster going out of businessWindham, ME Bushmaster Plant Closes?

Rumors are abound inside the Firearms industry that Bushmaster is planning to announce another factory closure this afternoon.  This would be the second factory shutting it’s doors in only a year. First was it’s Arizona plant that focused on carbon fiber, now many are speculating it will be the Windham Maine facility next. One can only assume they will move the bulk of its manufacturing to its Ilion, NY location.  No word on how DPMS will be affected by this.

Another rumor floating about is that Bushmaster will close down several months after the 2011 shot show.  I see this one as a long shot but who knows with their recent plant closures, layoffs, and setbacks.

None of this has been confirmed yet but will keep you posted as the news trickles in.

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Barrett MRAD

Barrett MRAD Picture

Firearms has a new adaptive rifle called the MRAD (Multi Role Adaptive Design) rifle; which is due out sometime next year in 2011.  Using Barrett‘s past rifles as a precedent, and judging by the video below, the MRAD should be nothing short of outstanding.  Keeping the trend of the 21st century firearms, the main feature is its modularity–a rapid change between calibers to suit mission specific needs.

The MRAD can quickly change from .338 Lapua, to a .308/7.62×51 NATO, or a .300 win mag with nothing more than removing the bolt and a few screws–making the quick conversation easier in the field (or at the range).  Along with its caliber modularity, everything on the Barrett MRAD can be adjusted to suit the user’s specific needs.  From picatinny rail placement, to a stock that adjusts length of pull and height, the MRAD pretty must adapts to the user’s exactly specs.  Also, the drop in trigger is also adjustable.

At first glance, and given Barrett‘s history of great rifles, I would be willing to bet Barrett will have another winner on  its hands.  From the video it looks extremely simple to adjust/switch out everything and even maintain it with its drop-in/modular components. I don’t know what the MSRP is going to be yet, but I would not hesitate to put it around $5,000-$6,000  for the .338 Lapua when its released (I hope I’m over bidding a bit).  It would be nice if the Barrett MRAD came standard with that Atlas bi-pod.  Pricing should be available probably around Shot Show next year.  Check out a few of the features and specs and video:

  • Bolt guide acts as a dust cover to reduce contaminants
  • Accepts standard M4/M16 pistol grips
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Front-loading barrel design for caliber interchangeability
  • Single button for length of pull adjustment
  • Combat-proof trigger module removable without tools
  • Folding stock provides compact mobility

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