WRAL-TV Misfires

WRAL-TV Misfires

One of the joys of writing for GunBlog is that every now and then I get to share something of importance you might not have heard of. In this particular case it’s an article over at ammoland reporting on a NC news outlet, WRAL-TV, that published addresses of concealed carry permit holders.

As the character Walter says in The Big Lebowski, “This effects all of us Dude!”

I would ask that any of you who are also concealed carry permit holders stand up in support of those in NC whose information was made easily accessible to criminals. The link provided below goes to the full story and offers suggestions as to how you can help.

Does this type of topic matter to you? Let me know for future blogging purposes.



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Women Spark Economic Growth

Women Spark Economic Growth

A news clip on CNBC today noted stock market increases for both gun manufacturers and retailers such as Cabela’s. The stated reason for this, in large part, is the result of an increase in gun sales to women. A Gallup poll referenced stated that gun sales were up 14% last year nationwide, that 47% more women are now shooting than they were 10 years ago, and that 23% of all [US] women own a gun.

Some of the reasons credited to this increase in female shooters and gun owners include marketing toward a female audience as well as more training and safety awareness options made readily available and appealing specifically to women. Pink firearms, pink targets, female shooting instructors, and ladies’ night are just some of the strategies being employed by gun manufacturers, retailers, and firing ranges.

It’s my opinion that whoever came up with the marketing ploy of making their firearms and accessories also available in pink deserves a raise. The more adults, both men and women, who are interested in educating themselves regarding the safe and proper storage, handling, and use of firearms, the better off we’ll all be (even if it was a pink firearm that got them interested).

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New Gunblog.com Sponser: OnTargetAuctions.com

New Gunblog.com Sponser:  OnTargetAuctions.com

We would like to introduce you guys to a new gun auction website, and Gunblog.com’s newest advertiser, OnTargetAuctions.com.  There are a few online gun auction sites out there right now, but OnTargetAuctions.com puts a unique spin on the typical eCommerce world of auction sites.

We’re all pretty much familiar with online auctions; most of them are similar to Ebay.  If you’re the highest bid, and the price reserve is met, you win the item.  OnTargetAuctions.com has a sort of collective bidding system.  People pay for bids on the site and just use “bids” to bid on the item.  The person with the last bid, wins the item.  There are also auctions for bids themselves; so instead of paying about a dollar a bid, you can get 25 or 50 pack of bids on the cheap.

If you don’t win the item, and you placed a bunch of bids, those bids don’t necessarily go to waste.  You can apply those bids to purchase the item.  I’ve seen some guns go for pretty low prices.  The best deal I’ve seen so far has to be the Springfield XDm .45, and the winner probably paid less than $100 bucks in bids.  It’s sort of high risk/high reward system, but if you’re the tenacious bidder, you can come away with some crazy deals.  As the site grows, I’m sure the inventory and deals will too.  Check them out, and stay tuned to Gunblog.com as we’ll probably have some special deals available here for bid packs and items–expect a promo code soon.  Also, OnTargetAuctions.com is doing a giveaway this month so stay tuned for that too.  Be sure to check them out.



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Magpul Dynamics Driving Video ?

Chris Costa Driving Video

They started off with Art of the Tactical Carbine, then naturally followed that up with a hit sequel Art of the Tactical Carbine II.  After that, Magpul Dynamics put out Art of the Dynamic Handgun and Art of the Dynamic Shotgun.  So, you would think they would be done with their soon to be released Art of the Precision Rifle–well, not so fast, or very fast depending on how you look at it.

If you’ve been paying attention to Magpul’s facebook and blog, you’ll see that they’ve been working on vehicles for quite a while.  They actually have a facebook page called Magpul Heavy, which they showcase some of the vehicles they’ve been playing with.  At SHOT SHOW ’10, some attendees at internet viewers could have seen Magpul’s Unimog, which  perfectly epitomizes Magpul in a vehicle.  Also, Magpul just came back from Europe, where they were competing in the Breslau Rallye with one of their modified Unimogs.  So why would Magpul be dumping all this money into vehicles; I doubt they’re about to release Unimogs or even their motorcycle, the Ronin, anytime soon.  Plus, that’s not really the Magpul family’s style.  Magpul usually tests, tests, and then test their product some more then Magpul Dynamics will tease us with shots of the products in their videos (take a look at Art of the Tactical Carbine II and you’ll spot the Masada, aka ACR, and some other products they released after the video).  So the only thing left since they’ve ran out of gun platforms to instruct on, would be a platform that all shooters universally utilize in one way or another–a vehicle.

Magpul Unimog

“Oh Gunblog, you’re just speculating.” Are we?  I will say, I have unofficial confirmation that they have definitely shot footage for this upcoming video.  From who?  Well, lets just say if there was a horse’s mouth, his bearded one would be it.  We were asked not to release this info at the time it was given to us, since it was in casual conversation; however, with repeated emails going unanswered asking if we can release the Magpul Dynamics Driving Video news has lead us to believe they won’t mind.

Magpul Truck

When asked about the Dynamic Driving Video our source had some very interesting things to say such as, “We rented a Cadillac CTS and by the end of an afternoon of shooting, the tires on that thing were completely bald; the car rental company is definitely going to have to buy new tires for it.  We had it screeching the whole way around the track.”  I asked if there was anything about guns in the video, and sadly I don’t believe there will be.  If the video is fully produced and released, it’ll probably focus more on defense driving, and military driving techniques such as evasive driving and driving in combat conditions.  Expect it to be like Magpul’s Arial Platform video, but with less gun play and less for a military niche market and more applicable to a broader base since everyone drives.

Magpul Motorcycle

Hopefully, we don’t get in too much trouble for releasing this info, being that it hasn’t been confirmed (I would hate for the last words I hear to be, “BUST ‘EM!!!).  The only thing that we know for sure is that they’ve shot footage, no word on if or when the Magpul Dynamics Driving Video will be released, but it would be completely awesome to see Chris Costa drifting around in a CTS.


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Make Ready with Travis Haley

Now we know what Travis Haley has been up to after Magpul Dynamics, and yes it’s another shooting DVD.  Haley partnered up with Panteao Production to add to their “Make Ready” series of videos.  It differs from how we’re used to seeing Travis, not only because his titanium bearded partner Chris Costa won’t be included, but the format of the video itself.  Make Ready with Travis  Haley utilizes a one on one format as opposed to the class format, which is aimed at giving the viewer a sense of personal instruction.  From the trailer below, it also seems that Travis spends just as much time going into the mental preparation for using the carbine in that “1%” scenario as much as he does with the physical attributes of shooting.  DVD pre-orders are being accepted now for $49.99, unless you buy multiple Make Ready DVDs at Panteaoproductions.com, then you can save a few bucks.


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