Federal and American Eagle .45 Recall

Federal and American Eagle have issued an immediate and urgent warning regarding some of their .45 Auto ammunition lots that could contain an incorrect propellant charge.  Its strongly advised (by Federal and Gunblog.com) that if you own ANY Federal .45 Auto ammunition, to make sure you check the lots since that using this defective ammo could result in serious injury and/or firearm damage.

The brands that are affected are:

  • American Eagle PN: AE45A, AE45N1 and AE45A250
  • Champoin PN: WM5233
  • GoldMedal: GM45B
  • Hi-Shok PN: 45C, 45D)
  • Federal Personal Defense (C45C, C45D)


  • 38X628 – 38X765
  • 38T401 – 38T414

You can check the graphic above to find your lot numbers to see if your ammo is part of the affected lots.  If you are unfortunate enough to have purchased some of this defective ammo, you should contact Federal Ammunition immediately at:  1-800-831-0850 or 1-800-322-2342.  Federal will provide replacement ammunition for you. Check the link below for Federal’s Official recall.

A little birdy who happens to be an insider for an ammunition manufacturer told me some interesting information right before SHOT regarding Federal.  When discussing different ammo manufacturers this executive insider was telling me that Federal has outsourced a lot of its ammunition manufacturing to Mexico.  Now I don’t know if these lots were manufactured down there, it still makes me think–furthermore, it reinforces my prejudice about foreign ammunition (very bad experiences with Wolf), and I’ll continue preferring to buy American when it comes to bullets.


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Roni Civilian Carbine Conversion

Roni 16" barrel

Along with expanding their RONI pistol-carbine conversion kits to include more handgun models such as Sig Sauers, Berretas, and Smith and Wessons, CAA is going to finally offer a RONI that you won’t need a tax stamp to operate.  CAA is releasing a RONI pistol-carbine conversion kit with a 16″ barrel, so all those people reluctant to purchase a carbine conversion for their pistol due to that 200 dollar tax stamp and wait time can finally put those reservations away.  CAA has really expanded the RONI line to include almost all popular handgun models and they’ve also expanded their color options, and finally, they expanded the barrel making it easier to own.

I got to shoot the standard SBR RONI with a Glock 17 at SHOT a few weeks back and I was quite surprised with how easy it is to convert (takes a whole 45 seconds), and it was just as easy to operate.  I suspect a lot more people jumping on this since it’ll be easier to obtain without the fiscal and opportunity costs involved with CAA’s NFA version of the RONI.  Expect the new civilian RONI to be out sometime mid 2011.

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Travis Haley Leaves Magpul Dynamics

A lot of news coming out of Magpul Dynamics this week; first their new video, and subsequently maybe the last one we see with the Travis Haley in it.  Travis Haley, the CEO of Magpul Dynamics, is leaving Magpul Dynamics in order to pursue other interests.  Chris Costa mentioned this to me while at Shot Show and he had nothing but good things to say about Travis, and said he’s parting on good terms.  Travis is forming a new company called Haley Strategic Partners; however he’ll still have some presence at Magpul as a consultant.

For me to hear this was a shock.  I know most of us when we think of Magpul Dynamics, we think of the Dynamic Duo of Chris Costa and Travis Haley.  Travis was a huge presence at Magpul Dynamics and Magpul Industries who seemed to have his hand in just about everything the two companies did–from Magpul’s theory based products to unorthodox shooting positions such as urban prone, Travis was pretty much the face of both companies .  It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, but we wish Travis the best with his new ventures, and Gunblog.com will be sure to keep up with what he’s doing to keep our readers informed.

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Sig Sauer SIG556 7.62 x 39 Rifle

New Sig556 7.62 ReviewSIG556 7.62
We just received word from Burgess Marketing that the Sig Sauer SIG556 chambered in 7.62 x 39 is indeed in the works and coming.  Word is that it will come standard with a rail system for optics and such which is good news as the current SIG556 lacks that.  The SIG556 7.62 will feature an AK-47 bolt supporting AK047 magazines.

Expect a few variations coming shortly after release but the standard offering will come with a 16″ barrel.  The new SIG556 7.62 will not be an AR based design and like the current SIG556 is based on the swiss 550/551 so expect it to be similar except for the rail system, bolt, and receiver.  This should be an excellent alternative to the Robinson Arms XCR 7.62 and my guess is a more refined and reliable weapon.

SIG556 7.62x39 New Rifle ReviewSigSauerGuns is reporting that the SIG556 in 7.62 will have an MSRP hovering in the 1500 – 1700 range. GunBlog.com will have images later this month and keep you posted as more information arrives.  The images in this post are just speculative at this point showing a SIG556 with a rail system. The Sig556 7.62 x 39 should have a similar style to it.

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Knights Armament M110 going to the Marines

M110 SASS Sniper Rifle Review

The USMC has decided to go ahead and put in theater Knight’s Armament M110 SASS.  The post was placed on Knight’s Armament’s Facebook page with a link to a post by Knights Armament on the popular SnipersHide forums.

The Knight’s Armament is the king of 7.62 SASSes in my opinion (with a price tag to match).  It’ll enable our Marines to engage multiple targets rapidly out to 800 meters–which is basically most of the firefights that are taking place in theaters like Afghanistan.  The M110 will be replacing the M-14s currently in service; more specifically, the M39 EBR and the MK11 MOD 1.

Well it looks like the impromptu October AR-10 month spilled over into November a little bit with this news.  I’m a big fan of the AR-10 and although I was never a Marine, I would imagine that this will be a welcomed addition.  I’ve shot the MK11 MOD 1 and I know I would prefer a Knights Armament over it; mainly because of the magazine changes, I’ve always disliked having to “rock” a magazine in.  Also, from what I’ve heard, the gas piston system on the M110 is second to none as far as reliability. Not to mention a .5 MOA out of a SASS is a remarkable feat, and it should serve our Marines well over there.

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Sig P290 Sub Compact


Sig Sauer with a new pistol next year, the Sig P290 Sub-compact pistol.  The Sig P290 Sub-compact is available in 9mm, but I suspect shortly after it’s release it’ll be available in .40 s&w.  Its only Double Action only, 5″ long, and weighs only  20.5 oz (without the magazine).  The Sig P290 Sub-compact will have a stainless slide, which will have either a Nitron or natural stainless finish, and a polymer frame.

You can see from the pictures it’ll also feature SIGLITE night sites, and a laser that will be offered by Sig Sauer that can be purchased to have mounted under the muzzle.  I don’t really see a picatinny rail so it looks like there’s no place for a tactical light (but there would be really no need for one on a pocket pistol)

Sig P290 Reviews

I think Sig will have a big winner.  There’s been an explosion of sales for sub compact and pocket pistols.  Kel Tec has been selling quite a few and the Ruger LCP has been getting rave reviews and sales to match.  Smaller hand guns have been the biggest catagory of handgun sales for the last 10 years, and I think the Sig P290 will keep that trend going provided that it’s consistent with the rest of Sig’s excellent line of handguns.

( from the Sig Sauer website ) THE P290 SUB-COMPACT 9MM, is our newest and most innovative and versatile polymer pistol. Designed to be the ultimate in conceal carry. This unique 9mm pistol is the perfect small defense handgun that meets the demands of today’s law enforcement professionals as a backup duty gun, and responsible citizens as a conceal carry gun. The removable grip plates allow for customization with aluminum, wood, and polymer and can be engraved with your initials for a true customized pistol.  Also available in two tone.

Sig Sauer P290 Price

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