Troy Industries Battlemag

Troy Industries are now selling one serious .223/5.56 magazine dubbed the Battlemag.  After seeing what Troy Industries did to its new magazine, I would say it completely deserves its name.  The new Troy Battlemag features reinforced feed lips and anti-tilt follwers and  a robust floor plate which is flush with the magazine making it less likely that the battlemag will snag on other magazines in your pouches.

This new ridiculously durable magazine is available in the normal tacti-cool colors of flat dark earth, OD green, and of course black.  Troy’s battlemags were designed to fit all M4/M16/Ar-15 type rifles along with the HK416 (MR556A1 civilian version) and FN SCAR 16s.  The Battlemags come in packs of 3 at $42 which also includes a limited lifetime warranty. Check the video below of the Troy Battlemag taking some serious damage while still functioning afterwards.



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The Origin of Surefire

Surefire just released a video this week showing the origins of their company which happens to be pretty freakin’ cool.  I never realized until know that the iconic laser sight in Terminator 1 was a product from Surefire.  I can remember thinking that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Surefire’s philosophy is to build the best, and not to a price point–and from my experience, they’ve accomplished this with pretty much every product they put out.  Surefire’s products are expensive, but when your life depends on your gear and only the best will suffice, then the price is easily justified.  Check out the video to see how far Surefire has come from the laser sight pictured below.


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AAC .300 BLK AR-15


AAC showed off on their blog last week a new prototype that definitely caught my attention.  Although they claim that it is not in plans for production, and its only a prototype, they decided to tease us with a special AAC BLACKOUT lower that they built for the AAC front man Mers.  From what I can see, its a lower that has AAC stamped on it, which for me personally, gives it automatic cool points.

The more I think about it, the more I want a .300 BLK rifle.  Especially when I see it shot with subsonic ammo suppressed.  My personal favorite has to be the Argyle patterning on the top of the receiver, but the best thing about the AAC blackout is how quite it is using subsonic ammunition.   Check out the video below; go figure, a silencer company that knows how to make a very quite bullet…. who would of thought.

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Red Jacket Firearms new AR-15


Discovery Channel’s new popular show, Sons of Guns, follows around the crew of Red Jacket Firearms in Louisiana showcasing their firearms builds and manufacturing endeavors.  One memorable moment is when they successfully suppressed a Saiga-12 Shotgun–although the feat had been accomplished before, and the show portrayed the event as if it was the first time ever done.  My personal favorite moment by far with the season was when they gave a kick ass hunting ATV, complete with a mounted Saiga-12 to a wounded war veteran who lost his arm.  My least favorite would be when they tested a M2 Browning in a field with brush while using tracer rounds which resulted in, what would you know, a fire.

This now famous gun shop of the swamps is going to be producing a custom AR-15 build, as if there’s not enough of those already.  But given the amount of publicity the shop has been granted by their new hit show, it’ll probably prove to be a successful move, assuming the rifle works as it should.

The NRA’s website has a short video clip of the new Red Jacket Arms AR-15.  From what I could see, it sports a Magpul UBR along with Magpul BUIS, and a mega-monolithic upper receiver and will have a piston system rather than a traditional DI.  No word on price, but I would expect some sort of premium attached to it.  Maybe will be lucky enough to secure one for review.  Below are screen shots courtesy of the NRA’s American Rifleman; the full video can be seen here.

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Brett Favre Shooting a Remington Versa Max

Retired (for now, but who knows) Brett Favre was treated to a bird hunting trip by Remington to try out their new Versa Max shotgun. The Versa Max is Remington’s newest semi automatic shotgun whose best feature is being able to handle almost any load 12 gauge from 2 3/4″ – 3 1/2″ Magnum shells. The Versa Max achieves this by its Versaport gas system which opens or closes gas ports based on the size of the shell.

Check out Favre in the videos below using the Versa Max. He’s not that bad of a shot considering it seems like his first time bird hunting.


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