Small Mobile Payment Business Fills the Void Left by Square’s New Anti-Gun TOS

Earlier this week, gun owners looking to use mobile payments for their gun purchases got some depressing news.  The mobile payment company, Square, recently altered their TOS (Terms of Service) purposefully to prohibit anyone from using their service for a gun purchase of any kind.  Their new TOS specifically forbids the sales of firearms, firearm hardware, ammunition and parts, and also blocks the sale of weapons in general.  Here’s the new add-on to their TOS,

“(23) sales of (i) firearms, firearm parts or hardware, and ammunition; or (ii) weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury”

This is just another example of a long string of companies who discriminate against firearms and their owners/vendors in the current polarized political environment.  This obviously created a small void for vendors and consumers looking to facilitate a firearm product purchase using a mobile payment.  Square is one of the larger options in that market, and now that it is gone, it makes it tougher to purchase guns using mobile payments.  Luckily, the spirit of free enterprise is alive and well in the world and this created an opportunity for small business to step up and fill that void.  A new company called has answered that call.

OurPhoneSwipe noticed how much extra business they suddenly started getting after Square changed their TOS. The company wisely made the move to double down on this opportunity.  They immediately reached out to gun merchants and websites in an effort to get the word out that they will not abandon gun vendors and owners.  OurPhoneSwipe even signed up as a supporting vendor on a number of gun related fan websites including, &  OurPhoneSwipe also has better rates than most of their competitors, so that is a big extra plus.

Interestingly, this at first caused a bit of confusion on many of these sites.  Some folks (including forum moderators) assumed they were spam and promptly called out to ban them because they are not directly firearm related.  This was before they had a chance to read their introductions.  Luckily, things were worked out and now that everyone knows who they are and why they are there, they have received a warm welcome.  It’s great to see companies like OurPhoneSwipe step up to the plate and support the exchange of legitimate products in the free enterprise system.


Disclosure: is a paid supporting vendor on some of our sites. They did not pay for this article. We felt it was news worthy and that all gun owners should know the companies who choose not to do business with them (Square).

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Martin, Zimmerman, & Self-Defense Laws

Martin, Zimmerman, & Self-Defense Laws

The shooting death of Treyvon Martin by George Zimmerman has been exhaustively covered (often times without all the facts) by both the mainstream media as well as independent bloggers, so why would I want to weigh in on the subject when I could be reviewing firearms? Simply put, this case could ignite something much larger than a Zimmerman vs. Martin related trial.

Zimmerman’s innocence or guilt will be determined in court and will likely receive more media attention than anything else going on at the time. The side stories, which will be as sensationalized as everything else the media covers, will no doubt focus on racial issues and firearm laws.

The racial issues concerning this case have been debunked and NBC has already fired a staff member over the editing of 911 recordings that paint Zimmerman as a racist. This will result in an increased focus on firearms and the laws surrounding their use as the main culprit in Martin’s death. Bill Cosby as well as Bill Maher are two such high profile individuals who have already started advocating this theory.

During an interview on CNN, Cosby asked what Zimmerman was doing with a gun and who had taught him how to handle one. It’s already been covered by the press that Zimmerman was fully within his rights to be carrying the firearm he was and in the manner in which he was carrying it. Mr. Cosby fails to mention or recognize that the community Zimmerman was the community watch member for had over 400 calls to the police department in the last year including at least one prior shooting, which to me at least shows why Zimmerman might opt to carry a gun as a means of self-defense.

Maher made the statement on Dr. Drew’s HLN show that the Stand Your Ground law is “basically anyone who scares you, you can shoot law.” Such an assertion is absurd, to say the least, and destroys any professional credibility he might have once had at some point or another.

The comments of both of these gentlemen clearly underline the root issue relating to the broader discussion of firearms and the laws related to them. Specifically, they negatively sensationalize the issue by misrepresenting it due to a lack of specific knowledge or outright lies.

In time, we will find out if Martin was the victim of an overzealous neighborhood watch captain, or if Zimmerman was an assault victim who legally defended himself while protecting his community. We will also see if there comes to be another victim with this case; the law abiding citizens who defend their lives or the lives of others while outside of their home.


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Saiga 12 Price being Reduced…

The firearms market is a very sensitive and reactionary market with sometimes politics being the price driving motivator.  When the ATF proposed a ban on all non sporting shotguns (a proposal that was as vague as it is unnecessary), the demand for popular Saiga 12 shotguns soared through the roof.  I immediately started seeing local gun shops upping their price in anticipation of not being able to sell Saiga shotguns anymore.  Well despite these fears, Century Arms is lowering their price on Saiga 12 shotguns and offering free shipping to dealers–so in short, if you see a stock Saiga 12 at your local gunshop for an outrageous price, and the seller cites the possible ban or shortage of shotguns for the sticker shock price, you might not want to believe their hype since they’re getting them cheaper than they were before.



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California Compliant AKs by Arsenal INC

There is none other more frustrated gun owner/enthusiast as the Californian gun owner/enthusiast.  Since they have some of the most strict gun laws in America, Californians are used to seeing disclaimers on gun auctions and firearm retailers’ websites stating, “We do not ship to California.”  Ironically enough, the demand for firearms in California are amongst the highest in the nation–California is’s second highest readership (the first is Texas).  Californians would have needed to have a complete custom job done to an AK-47 in order to own one, until now.

Arsenal Inc of Las Vegas, NV has heard the cries from their neighbors, and are now going to be making California compliant AK-47s, AK-74s, and Saiga .410 shotguns.  The new California compliant Arsenal Aks share the same features of their less restricted Aks such as a Russian stamped receiver, a folding stock, and a scope accessory rail.  However, Californians are restricted to a 10 round magazine which also has a lock that must be engaged with a key for magazine removal.  Although they have the magazine restriction on them, it’s better than nothing for those Californians wanting an AK.  The MSRP Arsenal’s new Right to “Bear” arms California Compliant SGL23 (Ak-47) is $820, the SGL33 (AK-74) is $950, and the SGL 43 (Saiga 410 Shotgun) is $710.

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The Japanese Firearms Industry by Jim Torres

Guns Made in Japan

That there actually is a Japanese firearms industry may come as a surprise to many shooters. Another surprise is the fact that Japanese citizens can actually legally possess rifles and shotguns for hunting and target shooting. Japanese gun ownership does require an annual license, yearly testing and inspections but owners can keep their weapons and ammunition at home in a locked container.

The Japanese firearms industry is respected worldwide for its ability to produce superior quality products. Those Browning BAR hunting rifles you saw on the rack at your local hunting emporium? They are made in Japan. Their barrels might have a sporting contour, but those barrels are all made to match grade tolerances from the finest high grade ordnance steel.

Excellent accuracy is not just achieved from a match grade barrel, you also need precision concentricity; the perfect alignment of action, bolt face, chamber and barrel bore.  Custom gunmiths charge major money to properly “blueprint” bolt action Remington 700’s. Practically any Japanese rifle made by Howa or a Howa sold as a Weatherby Vanguard will shoot outstanding groups right out of the box. Why? Because precision concentricity is achieved gun to gun because of their high quality manufacturing standards that include rigorous quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process, usage of high grade steels and excellent design engineering.

Japan Gun Laws

Today, Miroku is the largest commercial firearms manufacturer in Japan. For Browning’s worldwide market Miroku builds the Citori, Cynergy, BLR Lightweight, BLR Lightweight ’81, A-Bolt II, X-Bolt, BT-99, BL-22 Rifle, Auto-22 Rifle, T-Bolt, BPS (all), and Gold 10ga. Miroku also makes Winchesters historic “retro rifles” such as the 1885, 1895s, and other limited series rifles.

Japan has had some unique success in military weapons design. Their Type 96 and 99 Light Machineguns of WW2 were the first issue ever of a LMG to come with a telescopic sight. The Japanese were also the first to issue “Designated Marksman” rifles. In rifle platoons quantities of Arisaka bolt action infantry rifles were issued with compact telescopic sights, while “select” grade versions were issued to trained snipers. These weapons were also the only ones issued by any military of that war that came with chrome lined barrels and hard chromed bolt faces. Both had excellent reputations for reliability and accuracy.

For military use the Japanese make their own original design 5.56MM rifle, the Howa Type 89. They also make a FN MAG clone, the 7.62X51mm Type 62, and also license build the 5.56MM FN M249. Some of their special units use the Colt M4 for interoperability with US forces.

Japanese Guns

For handguns the Japanese military is equipped with SIG 9x19MM models of the P220, P225 and P226 pistols. The Japanese police are usually found armed with Miroku made .38spec revolvers that were also sold in the USA in the 1960’s.

The only assault rifle made in Japan and ever commercially exported were some 5.56MM Armalite AR-180’s made by Howa in the middle 1970’s. Back in the day when you compared an original British built Sterling AR-180 with a Japanese Howa made one, the Howa seemed like it was made on another planet. There was that much difference quality wise.

As AR15’s and variants are now made and sold globally in heavy barrel “match” and “hunting” models, let us hope that one day we will see a super high quality Japanese made version of a Colt AR15. Currently Japanese weapons export laws prohibit military small arms sales, but with the right design maybe Howa could justify its export as a firearm obviously intended solely for the commercial target/hunting market.

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Gun Law Update: Chicagoans allowed to purchase handguns*.

*comes with a lot of catches…

Chicago Handgun Ban Stopped

Mayor Daley’s proposal to allow Chicagoans the right to own handguns passed unanimously though the city council on Friday July 2, 2010; however, the law imposes some  strict limitations on soon to be gun owners.

One prerequisite is a mandatory 5 hour weapons training class conducted by the police department. Also, potential gun owners are limited to one firearm purchase a month, per adult member of a residence.

There are some legal requirements in order to purchase guns or obtain a license as well.  One being that anyone convicted of domestic violence, DUI, or a violent crime cannot register to own a firearm.

The legislation doesn’t mention any type of limitations regarding how far convictions go back–so that leads one to wonder if someone convicted of a DUI a decade ago would be indefinitely prohibited to own a handgun in Chicago.

You can read the full text of the Mayor Daley’s proposal which passed here:

Responsible Gun Ownership Ordinance

Its going to be interesting to follow how other states are address their current gun laws after this win for gun owners in Chicago.

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