The Origin of Surefire

Surefire just released a video this week showing the origins of their company which happens to be pretty freakin’ cool.  I never realized until know that the iconic laser sight in Terminator 1 was a product from Surefire.  I can remember thinking that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Surefire’s philosophy is to build the best, and not to a price point–and from my experience, they’ve accomplished this with pretty much every product they put out.  Surefire’s products are expensive, but when your life depends on your gear and only the best will suffice, then the price is easily justified.  Check out the video to see how far Surefire has come from the laser sight pictured below.


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Rogers Super Stock

How many carbines/rifles do you see with either a Magpul stock, or a SOPMOD stock?  Almost all of them.  That’s why I always like seeing things that are different that maybe able to shake things up a little bit to spur some good ol’ fashioned American competition.  This new Roger’s Super Stock caught my eye for that reason.

At first glance the Roger’s Super Stock looks like a beefed up Magpul CTR, but not that the CTR needs much beefing up.  The Roger’s Super Stock is made out of high grade polymer and just like the Magpul CTR, it features a locking system to minimize the stock shifting, it also features an attachment point for a QD swivel sling.  Some differences would be the bottom of the stock where it looks like there are finger grooves molded in and up top there’s a loop for attaching a sling.  Also, the angle of the butt stock seems to be a little more acute than other stocks out there.  The best features that the Roger’s Super Stock offers though, has to be that it can be installed on a mil-spec or commercial spec buffer tube.

If its as durable as it is good looking, then the Roger’s Super Stock could be a great alternative to the stocks we’re used to seeing.  This new stocks sells for around $80 bucks making it an easily obtainable upgrade.  If any readers have handled the new stock, be sure to let us know how it is in the comments section below.


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30mm AK-47 Scope Mount

A new AK 47 scope mount has hit the market and it caught my eye.  There are a few  makers of scope mounts for the famous/infamous rifle, but this one has an integral 30mm ring attached to it; most others are mounts with picatinny rails, or integrated mounts that are attached to a Russian style POSP optic.  The new RS Products 30 MM AK Scope Mount attaches to AK-47s that have the scope mount on the side (most do).  It also features 1/4″ adjustment side to side to ensure you’ll be able to provide a good co-witness if you’re using a 1x zoom optic such as an Aimpoint–although it’ll be somewhat of an unconventional co-witness since the sight radius on AK-47s is quite long.

From the looks of pictures, I like the look of this new AK47 scope mount.  Most quick install AK 47 mounts  are either over the gas tube, which seems to be a bit far, or their integrated picatinny rails on a dust cover.  I would never use the dust cover mount due to the likelihood of the the base shifting, especially considering the recoil of the AK47, and that would deem the optic worthless.  The side mounted optic mount would probably be my go to choice.  There are extremely solid AK scope mounts/bases out there, but they’re usually expensive and need a gunsmith to install it.    Assuming its solid enough, and at a price of $130 it should be, the RS 30mm AK 47 Scope Mount should be a good choice for adding any 30mm optic on top of your AK/Saiga.




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New Cabellas/Laserlyte Bore Sighters

Cabelas and Laserlyte have teamed up to produce an economical bore sighting solutions for pretty much any caliber gun out there.  The bore sighters are made from 100% brass and are made to the exact S.A.A.M.I. standards for the caliber.  Prices range from $20 to $100 for the proffesional .223 models.  Laser bore sighters can save shooters a considerable amount of money at the range.

I can’t tell you how many rounds I’ve wasted trying to just get on paper before I could dial in my scope–a bore sighter, if high enough quality to be able to see the laser in daylight, can put you on paper right away saving shooters money and time.  Here’s a full list of the Cabela’s LaserLyte bore sighters available:’

  • .22-250 (MSRP $19.99)
  • .243/.308/7mm-08 (MSRP $19.99)
  • .25-06/.270/.30-06 (MSRP $19.99)
  • 7mm Rem./.264/.338
  • .280 WSM/.300 WS/.325 WSM
  • .300 Win. (MSRP $19.99)
  • .300 WBY (MSRP $19.99)
  • .30-30 (MSRP $19.99)
  • .45-70 (MSRP $19.99)
  • 7mm/.300/.375 Ultra (MSRP $19.99)
  • 20 Gauge (MSRP $24.99)
  • 12 Gauge (MSRP $24.99)



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Daniel Defense MFR 12.0 Handguards

Daniel Defense MFR review

Daniel Defense has just released a new AR-15 handguard system called the MFR 12.0.   The new MFR is a modular, free-floating handguard system which has a relatively low weight of 12.0 ounces.  The best part about the system is that it is modular, allowing a user to install picatinny rails where needed at the normal 3,6,9 positions as well as 2,5,8, and 11 positions.  There is also a full picatinny rail along the top of the new 12 inch MFR giving it a monolithic look.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences from all the Daniel Defense products I’ve tried in the past, especially their rails.  The MFR looks like it will be a successful addition to their rails lineup even with the AR accessory market being somewhat flooded.  The MSRP of the New Daniel Defense MFR 12.0 is $249 and available at Daniel Defense’s website.

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Vicker’s Tactical Glock Side Stop

Vickers Tactical, headed by the legendary Larry Vickers, is producing what seems like a much welcomed modification for Glocks.  Vickers Tactical is now selling an extended slide release which will give Glock owners a little more real estate to manipulate the slide release; Glock’s factory slide release is notorious for being a little too slim to easily function, especially under stress.

The VTSS (Vickers Tactical Slide Stop) was specifically designed to ease the function of the slide release while operating it with gloves on.  Its constructed out of  4130 chome moly steel giving it durability and longevity.  The VTSS will fit on almost all glocks (17, 17l, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 34) and costs only $20.  It is not a drop in replacement though, Vickers Tactical suggest you let a certified Glock Armorer or professional gunsmith do the installation for you. Given the popularity of Vickers Tactical’s other Glock accessory, the extended mag catch, I have no doubts the slide stop will be another must have Glock accessory.



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