XS Big Dot Sights for Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 38 and .380

Smith and Wesson bodyguard owners have a new sighting option available  now that XS Sight Systems is offering up their 24/7 Big Dot sights for them.  The match up between the Bodyguard and the XS 24/7 Night Sights seem like a natural fit.  Shooters are buying S&W bodyguards primarily for concealed carry and personal protection and the XS Big Dot Sights are one of the best pistol sighting systems for acquiring a rapid sight picture.

The XS Big Dot is very easy to use.  Shooters have referred to aligning XS Big Dot sights as “dotting the I,” which is done exactly as it sounds.  Just align the big front dot on top of the rear sight’s “I.”  The system makes for an extremely rapid sighting system that lends itself well for a personal protection pistol.  The XS Big Dot sights for the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard costs $90 and is available in a Big Dot front sight or a standard dot front sight.

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Magpul Japanese Relief Patch

Magpul and Mil-spec Monkey have teamed up to support Japan’s disaster victims that were rocked in March by a massive earthquake only to be followed up by equally devastating tsunamis.  Personally I have always respected Magpul as an epitomizing example of what a great American company is–great American made products inspired from innovation at a price that makes them obtainable for anyone that wants to purchase them.  Practicing some much needed social responsibility is just another reason to admire Magpul.

These new patches are very conservatively priced at only $6 each and all profits go directly to the Red Cross and other organizations providing relief efforts to the Japanese community.  The patch’s design is a spin-off of the “Army Strong” slogan that features the Japanese kanji for Strength within brushstrokes that represent the Japanese flag.  Magpul and Mil-spec Monkey are doing there part, Gunblog.com readers should do theirs as well.  Buy a couple of patches and help support disaster victims in Japan.   You can buy the patches here:  Magpul Japanese Relief Patch.



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Troy Industries Battlemag

Troy Industries are now selling one serious .223/5.56 magazine dubbed the Battlemag.  After seeing what Troy Industries did to its new magazine, I would say it completely deserves its name.  The new Troy Battlemag features reinforced feed lips and anti-tilt follwers and  a robust floor plate which is flush with the magazine making it less likely that the battlemag will snag on other magazines in your pouches.

This new ridiculously durable magazine is available in the normal tacti-cool colors of flat dark earth, OD green, and of course black.  Troy’s battlemags were designed to fit all M4/M16/Ar-15 type rifles along with the HK416 (MR556A1 civilian version) and FN SCAR 16s.  The Battlemags come in packs of 3 at $42 which also includes a limited lifetime warranty. Check the video below of the Troy Battlemag taking some serious damage while still functioning afterwards.



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Desert Tactical Arms Suppressors

The makers of one of the hottest long range rifles on the market is now going to branch out into the suppressor realm.  Desert Tactical Arms is now producing suppressors for .30 and .338 caliber rifles.  There are plenty of companies putting out suppressors these days, but the thing that caught my eye with the new DTA suppressors is the weight.  The new DTSS (Desert Tactical Sound Suppressor) titanium model weighs only 1.15 lbs, which is pretty light for a .338 suppressor, especially for a one made out of titanium.

The new DTSS attaches to Desert Tactical’s patent pending SRS-QD muzzle break with a ratcheting system similar to those found with other suppressor companies.  Also, the .338 DTSS can also be used on a .308 rifle, so a shooter can just install the DTA’s SRS-QD on their .338 and/or .308 rifles and use the one suppressor.  There is some POI shift when installing the suppressor of about 2 MOA (2″ at 100 yards), but DTA has claimed that their new DTSS suppressors maintain a .25 MOA accuracy while installed on their rifle, so their new suppressors may even enhanced accuracy.  Prices vary from $985 for the .308 stainless steel model to around $1900 for the titanium .338 model.

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Woolrich Elite Series Tactical Discreet Carry Twill Jacket

Woolrich Elite Series Tactical has a new tactically fashionable twill jacket coming out soon.  The fastest growing demographic for gun owners is the ever expanding concealed carry movement and Woolrich Elite Series Tactical is catering directly to them.  Their new twill jacket can accommodate a pistol with up to a 6″ barrel, making it a little easier for those who like to carry a full sized 1911, but usually don’t considering its bulk.

The Discreet Carry Twill Jacket not only provides room for a pistol, but accessories as well.  The inside of the pockets are lined with 45 degree angled accessory loops that are perfect for carrying extra magazines, flight lights, or a baton.  There are also an accessory tunnel which runs through it that can provide more room for concealing other items, such a communication wires for plain clothes police officers or security.

The waistband and cuffs are adjustable, and the jacket is lined with polyester and Sherpa liner.  The Woolirch Elite Series Tactical Discreet Carry Twill Jacket costs $130 for the S-XXL sizes and $150 for XXXL.  You can read the full press release after the break.

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New MGI Recoil Reducing Buffer

MGI, most famous for their Hydra black rifles, has just released a new drop in upgrade for your AR-15.  The MGI recoil reducing buffer will help shooters close those rapid shot groups in.  The buffer tube replacement isn’t exactly a groundbreaking upgrade, they’ve been around for a while.  The most popular buffer replacement being the Endine Hydraulic Buffer; however, unlike the Endine, the MGI buffer tube is completely mechanical.

The MGI recoil reducing buffer does exactly what the name implies; it reduces felt recoil.  This effect can prove to be extremely advantageous for AR-15/M4 fully automatic rifles and for competitive shooters.  Less recoil means easily controlled follow up shots.  Recoil reducing buffers can also help with direct gas impingement AR-15s that are suppressed–the extra cushion from that the upgraded buffer can absorb the increased shock due to the increased gas pressure from the suppressor.  The MGI recoil reducing buffer costs $165 and adapters are available for rifle length stocks and .308 (AR-10) rifles for $20.

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