XD-M .45 ACP Contest **UPDATE**

Posted by on June 23, 2010 in Gun Reviews, Media, New Products, Optics, Pistols, Rifles, Uncategorized | Contest!

To kick off the inagural event  Today is Giving Away our Springfield XD-M .45 ACP tester. The gun has gone through less than 2k rounds and is in mint shape, clean with all paperwork and boxes. Of course that’s only to someone legally allowed to own one of these.

Rules of the Game:

1. There are 2 ways to enter. You can register in top right corner of the page where it says RSS Feeds simply by submitting your email AND/OR you can sign up with your name and email for our promotional newsletter in black box that says GUNBLOG EMAIL UPDATES below the RSS Feeds.

2. For the RSS Feed you will recieve a Feedburner Email, please click the confirmation link. You will then recieve updated emails each time something is posted on the GunBlog website. For our newsletter registration, you’ll get special promotions and information about meets and other cool items that aren’t necessarily posted on the blog. Both these methods are great ways of staying up to date with GunBlog and everything that is happening in the GunBlog world.

3. When we confirm you have sucessfully signed up to one of the above services, you recieve a drawing in the Give Away.  Our site is very new so the odd’s are good.  Were getting about 400-500 hits a day now!  That’s pretty good considering we officially launched last Monday.

The Contest Ends and a Winner is announced on August 1st!

So there it is, It’s that simple, get good updates and enter to win the XDM .45 Contest!

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