Gun Law Update: Chicagoans allowed to purchase handguns*.

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*comes with a lot of catches…

Chicago Handgun Ban Stopped

Mayor Daley’s proposal to allow Chicagoans the right to own handguns passed unanimously though the city council on Friday July 2, 2010; however, the law imposes some¬† strict limitations on soon to be gun owners.

One prerequisite is a mandatory 5 hour weapons training class conducted by the police department. Also, potential gun owners are limited to one firearm purchase a month, per adult member of a residence.

There are some legal requirements in order to purchase guns or obtain a license as well.  One being that anyone convicted of domestic violence, DUI, or a violent crime cannot register to own a firearm.

The legislation doesn’t mention any type of limitations regarding how far convictions go back–so that leads one to wonder if someone convicted of a DUI a decade ago would be indefinitely prohibited to own a handgun in Chicago.

You can read the full text of the Mayor Daley’s proposal which passed here:

Responsible Gun Ownership Ordinance

Its going to be interesting to follow how other states are address their current gun laws after this win for gun owners in Chicago.

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