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SCAR 17s Sniper

Officially announced at Paris’s MILIPOL, FNH will be producing the previously teased SCAR-H PR (precision rifle).  The SCAR-H PR is similar to the SCAR 17-S that we reviewed a few months back with some improvements to create one mean semi-auto precision rifle.

FNH’s SCAR-H PR features a 20″ heavy barrel and a match type 2 stage trigger.  The buttstock looks the same as the standard SCAR-H as well as the other standard features such as the sights and the caliber (7.62×51 NATO).  I would have liked to see a more dedicated precision buttstock to further differentiate the standard SCAR-H from the SCAR-H PR, but the standard stock works and it works well.  Also, if the pictures are accurate, I’m dissapointed that FNH didn’t include the PWS compensator with this model being that it proved to work so well with the SCAR 17S we reviewed.  Either way,  I’m sure soldiers in the field, especially DMRs, will welcome the SCAR-H PR with open arms if issued to them.

No word if FNH will offer a SCAR-17s PR (a civilian version) but I’m sure it would fly off the shelves just like the standard SCAR 17S did, even if it would have an expected inflated price.

SCAR sniper rifle

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