Firearms, Children, and Birthday Parties

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Firearms, Children, and Birthday Parties

I read a short article about Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville, TX that is offering birthday parties for kids. The owner, David Prince, is marketing the state-of-the-art, air conditioned, and indoor 24 lane gun range as a place for family-friendly fun. The requirements for allowing your kid(s) to shoot there consist of them being at least eight years old, tall enough to get over the shooting table, and that each child shooting have an adult present, either a parent or a safety officer.

I can see how some folks would be immediately alarmed at the notion of having a bunch of excited children at a gun range, but once the overly sensationalized media headlines fade from your imagination, it actually seems like it could be a really cool way to further teach kids how to safely handle and shoot guns; the most important lesson being to never touch a gun without an adult being with them. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Prince’s business model takes off and we see a trend of other ranges offering similar family fun.

I’m not sure about a birthday party setting (though already having hearing protection on hand would be nice), but I know I would definitely take my daughter to a gun range at eight years old if it were available to us and she had an interest. Who else thinks this is a good idea, or who thinks it’s a bad idea and why?


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