Federal and American Eagle .45 Recall

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Federal and American Eagle have issued an immediate and urgent warning regarding some of their .45 Auto ammunition lots that could contain an incorrect propellant charge.  Its strongly advised (by Federal and Gunblog.com) that if you own ANY Federal .45 Auto ammunition, to make sure you check the lots since that using this defective ammo could result in serious injury and/or firearm damage.

The brands that are affected are:

  • American Eagle PN: AE45A, AE45N1 and AE45A250
  • Champoin PN: WM5233
  • GoldMedal: GM45B
  • Hi-Shok PN: 45C, 45D)
  • Federal Personal Defense (C45C, C45D)


  • 38X628 – 38X765
  • 38T401 – 38T414

You can check the graphic above to find your lot numbers to see if your ammo is part of the affected lots.  If you are unfortunate enough to have purchased some of this defective ammo, you should contact Federal Ammunition immediately at:  1-800-831-0850 or 1-800-322-2342.  Federal will provide replacement ammunition for you. Check the link below for Federal’s Official recall.

A little birdy who happens to be an insider for an ammunition manufacturer told me some interesting information right before SHOT regarding Federal.  When discussing different ammo manufacturers this executive insider was telling me that Federal has outsourced a lot of its ammunition manufacturing to Mexico.  Now I don’t know if these lots were manufactured down there, it still makes me think–furthermore, it reinforces my prejudice about foreign ammunition (very bad experiences with Wolf), and I’ll continue preferring to buy American when it comes to bullets.


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