Concealed Carry Options

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Concealed Carry Options

Between reading magazines, online forums, and stopping into local gun stores, I’ve noticed an increasing number of handguns that are designed to be highly concealable. Typically these guns feature a single stack magazine and noticeably smaller height, length, and width measurements. Included in this list would be the Berretta Nano, Walther PPS, and Smith & Wesson’s M&P Shield amongst others.


I like the idea of a small gun for concealed carry, but when holding one my largest concern is not having enough of the grip in my hand. For me, this in turn often results in poor shooting habits and less accuracy. With more practice this could be overcome, but if I’m spending several hundred dollars on a gun I want a comfortable feel in my hand, even if it means a slightly larger gun.

Is the physical size of your gun an important factor to you when concealed carrying? What are your thoughts on these smaller guns meant for concealed carry? Would you buy one?

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