CMMG AR15 and PS90 .22lr Conversion Kits

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PS90 .22lr Conversion Kit

CMMG has been a leader when it comes to .22lr conversion kits for the AR15CMMG is continuing that leadership by making some improvements to their existing .22lr conversion kits for the AR15 and introducing a conversion kit for the PS90, among other things.

With CMMG’s (and other manufacturers’) .22lr conversion kits, there were some noticeable differences with the AR’s operation when compared to a standard .223/5.56 AR.  The most noticeable would have to be that the bolt did not hold open after the last round.  Well, that could prove to be a hindrance for shooters that wanted the .22lr kits to train being that .22lr is significantly less expensive to shoot.  The bolt not locking back after the last round conflicts with using the .22lr for training; reloading techniques require an extra, unnecessary step when compared to a standard AR.

CMMG is providing a solution to that problem that is so simple  it’s ingenious–they designed a plate that goes on top of the AR15’s magazine well that will catch the bolt on the last round.  A very simple design that CMMG claims works every time.  I’ve held out for buying a .22lr conversion kit specifically because the bolt did not hold back; I’m now reconsidering after seeing this at Shot Show.


Along with improving the bolt hold back problem, CMMG also improved on a jamming problem users would sometimes incur with their .22lr kits.  Rounds could get lodged inside the charging handle, so CMMG designed a special charging handle to go with their kits that will negate the problem.  All the components of their new kits can be purchased at CMMG’s website, so that owners of older kits can quickly upgrade their .22lr converted ARs, without purchasing a brand new kit.

Along with upgrading their existing kits, CMMG is providing a new kit for the PS90.  The PS90 .22lr kit should be out soon and no word on pricing as of yet.  The kit includes a bolt replacement and a magazine, and CMMG claims that a PS90 can be converted in under 30 seconds.  Being that the PS90 is extremely easy to break down as demonstrated by’s review of the PS90, I would imagine the new .22lr kit from CMMG can be installed almost effortlessly.  As of right now, the kit includes a magazine that only holds 10 round–which kind of takes the fun out of a PS90 considering they hold 50 rounds, but CMMG is still developing a high cap round.  Lets hope its available when the PS90 .22lr conversion kit is released.

PS90 conversion kit

CMMG has some other projects in the works, such as an AR15 platform with a modular upper that allows you to quickly change barrels with the release of just a throw lever (you can see pics of the upper below).  And we can’t forget CMMG’s Tactical Bacon–which apparently they’re selling a boat load of (15k cans so far).  After talking to them at Shot Show, I see that CMMG is a company that really pays attention to the pulse of the industry.  They know that there’s a high demand for .22lr conversions and modularity, and that bacon does indeed go with everything, including shooting.

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