California Compliant AKs by Arsenal INC

Posted by on February 12, 2011 in Gun Laws, Gun Videos, New Products, Rifles, Shotguns |

There is none other more frustrated gun owner/enthusiast as the Californian gun owner/enthusiast.  Since they have some of the most strict gun laws in America, Californians are used to seeing disclaimers on gun auctions and firearm retailers’ websites stating, “We do not ship to California.”  Ironically enough, the demand for firearms in California are amongst the highest in the nation–California is’s second highest readership (the first is Texas).  Californians would have needed to have a complete custom job done to an AK-47 in order to own one, until now.

Arsenal Inc of Las Vegas, NV has heard the cries from their neighbors, and are now going to be making California compliant AK-47s, AK-74s, and Saiga .410 shotguns.  The new California compliant Arsenal Aks share the same features of their less restricted Aks such as a Russian stamped receiver, a folding stock, and a scope accessory rail.  However, Californians are restricted to a 10 round magazine which also has a lock that must be engaged with a key for magazine removal.  Although they have the magazine restriction on them, it’s better than nothing for those Californians wanting an AK.  The MSRP Arsenal’s new Right to “Bear” arms California Compliant SGL23 (Ak-47) is $820, the SGL33 (AK-74) is $950, and the SGL 43 (Saiga 410 Shotgun) is $710.

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