TP-9 Pistol by Brugger & Thomet

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TP9 pistol reviews

One pistol that’s on my short list to check out has to be the B&T TP9.  The DP-9 is used by various European military and law enforcement agencies, and now they’re available for the American civilian market.

The B&T TP-9 is a 9mm semi-auto pistol (the military version is fully automatic) and features a 30 round extended magazine.  The magazines are translucent, so a shooter knows roughly how much ammo he or she has.

It sports a rotating bolt, which will keep recoil down, and has a high grade barrel which lends itself for good accuracy.  The TP-9 also has 3 safeties, a drop safety, a cross bar selector safety, and a trigger safety; allowing it the be carried safely with a round in the chamber.  The charging handle is in the rear, which looks like it functions similarly to an AR-15’s.

TP9 Pistol

My favorite feature of the TP-9 is the customization options.  DSA has been working close with B&T to provide an endless amount of accessories for the TP-9.  With rails galore, and an extraordinary amount of customizable options available, I’m sure we could see some pretty decked out versions.  The select-fire version available to law enforcement is a fully automatic version that features a single-point sling, a sound suppressor, and a folding stock.

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