Bolt-Action or Semi-Auto?

Posted by on June 15, 2012 in Rifles |

Bolt-Action or Semi-Auto?

At one point in time it was a given that a bolt-action rifle was a more accurate choice over a semi-auto rifle. It could be argued that caliber choices were once more limited for semi-autos than they are now, or that a bolt-action rifle seated the bullet better than a semi-auto. Weigh in with your thoughts after the video from Future Weapons.


With time comes innovation, and the AR-15 platform has played a large roll when it comes to advancements in semi-auto rifles.

Now that the AR platform has the ability to put 6.8, .308, and .50 Beowulf rounds down range with incredible accuracy and¬†quicker follow up rounds that don’t require taking your finger off the trigger, is it possible to envision a day that bolt-action rifles are an outdated concept?

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