Beretta Tx4 Storm Shotgun

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Last year, quietly, Beretta released a semi-auto shotgun addition to their Storm line dubbed the Tx4 Storm.  Now there wasn’t too much hype about the Tx4 when it first came out, and probably out of all of Beretta‘s brands, I would say the Tx4 received almost no publicity compared to its cousins the Px4 and Cx4.  It wasn’t until SHOT show this year that I was finally able to get up close with the new Beretta Shotgun, and I’m glad I was finally introduced to this Italian semi-auto shotgun.

The Beretta Tx4 is a gas operated semi-auto shotgun that shares a lot of qualities with shotguns from its sister company Benelli.  Firing it felt very similiar to a Benelli M2 tactical.  Also, just like a Benelli, the Tx4 “knows” the difference between pulling the charging handle and firing the gun in regards to how the shells are chambered–meaning that if you pull the charging handle to expel a shell that is currently in the chamber, the Tx4 will not load another shell in the chamber.  This comes in hand when doing on the spot ammo changeovers; it keeps the chamber empty and will allow you to throw a slug in there for impromptu longer shots.

The Tx4 weighs only 6.4 pounds unloaded and has an 18″ barrel making it a pretty agile shotgun.  It features a cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel, a button operated ambidextrous safety, and a picatinny rail with ghost ring sights.  The one area where I found the Tx4 coming up a little short was the ammo capacity which tops off at only 5+1 rounds.  However, a source from Beretta who wished to be unnamed, assured me that a lot of aftermarket accessories made for certain Benelli shotguns, such as magazine extension tubes, would fit and work on the Tx4.  The MSRP of the Tx4 is quite high for its class though, it comes in right under $1,500.Beretta TX4 Stand Off Device Optima HP Choke Tube CL

The Beretta Media representative assured that we would be receiving one to review by the Summer.  I have my fingers crossed that it’ll be soon.  I plan on putting one of Benelli‘s Tx4 Stand Off Device Optima Choke tube as seen above and maybe try to fit some of those extension tubes to see which ones will work.  Either way, its going a great review so be sure to check back later on when Beretta finally sends us a Tx4 to review.

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