Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle II

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Magnum Research,  the maker of probably the most over used handgun in movies, the .50 caliber Desert Eagle, is going to be importing again their “Baby” Desert Eagles.  The Baby Desert Eagles stopped being imported into the United States probably for the same reasons Steyr stopped importing the M-A1, the exchange rate cut into profits too much.  Well lucky for us, Kahr Arms acquired Magnum Research and they’re going to start imported these “Baby” Eagles this summer.

The new Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle II will be available in the three most popular pistol calibers, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, and in a variety of frames and sizes.  Shooters will be able to choose a 9mm Baby Desert Eagle II in either a full size, semi-compact, or compact size frame.  Also, they’ll be able to chose between polymer and steel framed models.  The .40 are going to be available in full size or semi-compact in either steel or polymer framed models, and the .45 will only be available in a steel semi-compact frame model.

Baby Desert Eagle II Full Size

Other features on the Baby Desert Eagle II include a DA/SA trigger and an ambi-safety that also acts as a decocker.  The sights are of the typical 3 dot snag free type.  Also, the semi-compact and full size models feature a picatinny rail for accessories.

I would say any handgun next to the desert eagle deserves the title baby, but that title shouldn’t confuse you about these guns.  Even the sub compact doesn’t seem so micro compared to the new ultra concealable handguns that are the latest buying craze such as the Sig P290 or Ruger LCP.  With a width on all the pistols, including the subcompact, of 1.125 inches, it doesn’t necessarily live up to its name baby.  It does appear to be plenty small enough to conceal though, with a barrel length of  3.64″, and a height of 4.5″ the sub-compact Baby Desert Eagle II 9mm should be able to stay hidden.  Expect a price range for the full size steel frame to be around $650 and around the $500s for the semi-compact.  The sub compact and polymer version should be less expensive and available relatively so soon.  Click “Read More” after the picture to see the stats on all the new Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle II.

Baby Desert Eagle II sub compact



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