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For many of us when we buy a new gun, its only the first step down a long (almost endless) line of customization.  This can get extremely expensive.  Its hard to really know what you want when there are so many options out there–and buying a new expensive accessory for that tack driver, only to notice you don’t really like the way it looks after, can be frustrating.

Well the guys at Pimp My Gun want to help you out.  They’ve created a great way to see what that accessory is going to look like on your new setup.  Just visit their site, here, and you can customize a variety of guns with a wide range of accessories. It’s pretty much the best window shopping gun app out there since gunbroker.com. I’ve already created quite a few dream guns, and I’m sure one would be able to conjure up a variety of different uber gun configs. You can even save your gun as a .jpg to share with friends or on message boards. I made the ACR below in about 5 mins.

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1.54 mile sniper kill record with an Accuracy International L115A3

A British sniper, Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison, has obtained the record for longest sniper kill while engaging two Taliban machine gunners.  The weapon used?  An Accuracy International L115A3 chambered in .338 Lapua (or 8.59 as they say in Britain).  His two shots were ranged by a GPS to be 2,706 yards beating the record previously held by Canadian sniper Corporal Rob Furlong who used a .50 cal McMillan TAC-50 and recorded a kill at 2,657 yards.

I would believe that this solidifies a lot of testimonies in the industry that the .338 Lapua is  the antipersonnel round of choice.  The .338 Lapua has been exponentially growing in popularity with long range shooters, and I have no reason to doubt that after this record setting event, that the trend will continue.  The two kills were about 1,000 yards more than the believed effective range of the .338–it was previously believed that anything more than 1,800 yards for the .338 Lapua would just be a nuisance; well, I believe they were correct considering I would find being dead to be quite inconvenient.

Its arguable that the .50 is a more versatile round–being that it can also be used as an anti-material or anti-asset round, something that the .338 would have trouble with; however, for reaching out to those far away soft targets, I believe it has been completely validated to be highly effective.

After only 2 years in deployment with the British Army, it seems that the L115A3 has proved itself in battle with the highest available esteem.  Its easily conceivable that Accuracy International will use this for bragging rights regarding their line of rifles, as it deservingly should.  Accuracy International has already seen a good increase of sales with their top of the line rifles in the past few years, and after this story, there’s even more reason to believe they’re going to be selling quite a few more.

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Trijicon TA33G-H: Adding another option to the growing line of superior optics.

Trijicon TA33G-H ACOG

The Trijicon TA33G-H ACOGs have been out for a little bit and it seems to be growing in popularity.  Trijicon’s latest ACOG shares all the same characteristics of the TA33 series but with a green horseshoe reticule (the G in TA33 is for green, and the H designates the reticule).  Trijicon ACOGS are known for their optical clarity and almost indestructible durability and I have no reason to suspect otherwise with the new TA33G-H.

The horseshoe reticule is relatively new; however, they’re becoming increasingly popular for a combat reticule.  Just like other ACOG reticules it contains a BDC usually set for a standard military 5.56 NATO and 14.5 in barrel (although most models you see in the civilian market are set for a .223 through a 16″ barrel).  The horseshoe reticule function differs from other ACOG reticules for range estimation.  With the horseshoe reticule, the diameter of the circle represents 19″ at 150 yards, the open cut at the bottom of the circle represents 19″ at 300 yards, and each subsequent horizontal line on the BDC represents 19″ at that range (400, 500, then 600).

All ACOGs share a BDC; however, the uniqueness of the ranging aspects from the horseshoe reticule may just prove to be more battle worthy.  The actual circle at 100 yards fits nicely around an average human being’s head (it’ll be a tad bit wider since the full diameter of the circle is 12.6 MOA), where at 200 yards  it fits nicely around the target’s shoulders.  This makes targeting a human (which is what our Armed Forces do with their ACOG mounted weapons) much easier and faster.  On the battlefield I can easily see how the reticule could prove to be highly advantageous for a rapid neutralization the target at medium ranges.  Check out the full specs for the TA33G-H below.

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Sig Sauer P250 2 Sum Pack

Many of us have a few handguns for multiple purposes.  One for primarily for home defense and another for concealed carry.  Well, Sig Sauer is reaching this market with the P250 2  Sum Pack.  Its a modular pistol system that comes with a full size frame, and either a compact or subcompact frame.  Each frame will share the same fire control assembly (so it has to removed and installed into the frame of choice), and each frame is serially matched.

The p250 is designed to be a completely modular system, so that ergonomics can be changed to suit a variety of shooters.  The slide release can be switched for a left handed shooter as well as the magazine catch, and a variety of grips are offered.

The system can be configured to be a  9mm, 40 S&W, or a .357 increasing the modular options; however, the .45 acp cannot be interchanged since it has a different magazine size.

With all the different options and configurations with the P250, you could come out with 64 different variations of the gun.  Depending on which system you get (full frame w/ subcompact vs compact and caliber) the prices range from $640 to $945.   All in all it seems like a very practicable pistol system for a lot of shooters needing two different roles for their firearm needs, but don’t want to dish out the dough for 2  pistols.

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