HPR V-MAX Ammo Review[FULL DISCLOSURE:  HPR is a Gunblog.com advertiser]

HPR has been supporting Gunblog.com since our start last year;  Almost every review we’ve done, involved the use of HPR ammo.  Personally, I’ve loved their stuff since the first time I’ve shot with it.  It shoots clean and accurate and costs just as much as anything you’re going to buy at Wal-Mart, plus it has the best packaging in the industry hands down.  Yes, I know they support Gunblog.com, but in all honesty I’m pretty much just giving the money back to them since I order so much ammo through them.

I was ecstatic when placing my last order through them to see they have a new round out now–The 60 grain V-Max Match Grade .223.  I’ve always found their 55 grain to suffice all my accuracy needs so I was extremely curious to see how their match grade stuff would perform.  We have about 200 rounds of it sitting on the shelf getting ready for the range and we’ll be sure to tell you guys how it goes.

The new HPR V-Max Match .223 is 100 percent American made in Scottsdale, AZ.  It features HPR’s HyPerClean technology, is made from factory processed brass, contains 1/10th grain consistency and all rounds are hand inspected.  To top it off, the bullets are polymer tipped and streamlined for ultra flat trajectories. A box of 50 will run you $27.99.  We’ll give you a range report on the HPR V-Max Match grade .223 after we send all of those rounds down range.

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New ATI 37mm Launchers

ATI 37mm Launcher Pics

Have you ever found yourself in need of a 37mm tactical flare launcher, but didn’t know where to look?  Yea, me neither, but it would still be cool to have one.  ATI has a whole new line of 37mm launchers available, and they have almost every flavor of the fake boomstick you could want.  From a small 6″ pistol version to a full on 16″ barrel with an adjustable AR style stock, ATI has your tactical 37mm launcher needs met.

ATI 37mm Launcher Review

The 37mm round mainly consists of flares, gas, smoke, rubber pellets and other less lethal projectiles (so no boom booms, those are 40mm).  So, for home protection use, not so much; but for making your neighbors highly uncomfortable, this thing would be awesome.  Most models are all picatinny’d out so if you feel compelled to attach an optic or iron sights to your tactical flare launcher, you can.  Prices range from $375 for the pistol to $775 for the 16″ version.

Personally, I cant’t really find any practical use for these things at all, but they are the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.  It would be one helluva 4th of July conversation starter…

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Sig 1911 Carry Scorpion

Sig Carry Scorpion Review

For those who wish to carry a Sig 1911 with a cool tactical tan coating, it may be a good idea to check out Sig’s new 1911 Carry Scorpion.  The new Sig Carry Scorpion is just like their full size 1911 Scorpion, but with a 4 inch barrel.  The Sig Sauer Scorpion reminds me of what I would imagine to be Sig’s counterpart to Kimber’s Desert Warrior; both are outstanding pistols.

Just like its full sized cousin, the Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Scorpion has a desert tan Cerakote finish, is chambered in .45 ACP, features Hogue G-10 grips and low Profile SIGLITE night sights.  The more CCW friendly Sig 1911 weighs 34.5 ounces unloaded, has a 4.2 inch barrel and an overall length of 7.7 inches.  Price should be right around the $1,000 mark at your local gun dealers.

1911 Carry Scorpion Pics


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Beretta Nano

Beretta Nano Pics

Another big name gun maker is going to start to making a pocket pistol–Beretta will be releasing the super small Nano later this year.  This new picolissimo Beretta is chambered in 9mm, has a polymer frame, ambidextrous controls, and user adjustable sights.  Price should be around $475.  Everyone seems to be coming out with extremely concealable pistols these days.  Sig has the P290 (which we currently have for a review), Ruger has the LC9 and LCP and now Beretta will have the Nano 9mm.  Maybe we’ll see a Springfield XD micro compact, or a Smith and Wesson M&P shuffle soon–it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

Beretta Nano Review

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