Revision Asian Locust Goggle System

Revision Asian Locust Goggle System

Revision, leading developer of protective eyewear for military and law enforcement forces worldwide, scores well following end-user testing of their Asian Locust Goggle System As the product’s name would suggest, the Asian Locust Goggle is purpose-built to suit the unique morphology of the Asian face, incorporating such features as a wider nose bridge and shallower frame curvature than traditional goggles—which were designed with Caucasian features in mind. The unique design results in better fit, comfort and environmental protection for the Asian soldier.

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Sentry Solutions TUF Cloth & Smooth-Kote

Sentry Solutions ProductsI recently received a sample in the mail from a Laura Burgess Marketing one of the premier firearm marketing agency’s asking us to try out one of the products from a company they represent called Sentry Solutions… No this is not a paid advertisement, I’m just very enthusiastic about their product.

Many of America’s armed forces are familiar with the TUF cloth because it’s the only lubricant/protectant sold in the down range PX’s.  Sentry Solutions products get their technology from industrial, racing, and aerospace experience, their expereince ranges from coatings for non stick frying pans to rust proofing oil rigs in the north sea.

Sentry Solution’s concept is simple – dirt will not stick to equipment lubricated with a dry film and metal surfaces protected by a dry micro-bonded shield will not corrode.

So without much thought I applied it to my gun a while back.  I keep one of my pistols under my bed in a very dusty area and to my surprise the dust formed a layer everywhere except on the pistol itself.  I rarely use my 9mm P226 but it’s ritual that I have to dust it off before use.  I highly suggest using Smooth-Kote lubricant & TUF Cloth together.

TUF Cloth Reviews

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New Wilson Combat .223/5.56mm Suppressor

Wilson combat has just announced a new Suppressor product for .223/5.56mm firearms. Produced of titanium to reduce additional muzzle weight.

It also features a design allowing the gun owner to add or remove it quick and easy with it’s enhanced muzzle break interface.

• Titanium Construction For Minimal Added Muzzle Weight
• Rapid Thread Attachment For Quick And Easy On / Off
• Includes Super Efficient Muzzle Break / Interface
• Caliber – .223 / 5.56mm
• Diameter – 1.5″
• Length – 6 5/8″
• Weight – 15 oz.

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Bushmaster ACR Accessory Availability

Bushmaster ACR Telescoping Stock and RailsOk’ so the Bushmaster ACR isn’t as hard to get as most of the gun world thought it would be.  They can be found in basic form under 2k and in enhanced around 450.00 over that.  I picked my (Basic Spec) up a few days after it was released and quickly desired the telescoping folding stock.

Just a couple of day’s ago Bushmaster opened up the ACR accessories page with ACR specific slings, telescoping/folding stock, polymer hand guard and a few other tid bits.  Placed my order for the stock today in black,  now all I need is the 10.5″ barrel and 6.8 caliber swap parts.

Click Here to Visit the ACR Accessories Page

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