Bushmaster ACR Recall!

Bushmaster ACR Recall
Just minutes ago I got word from Bushmaster on the ACR having an issue and design flaw which could result in multiple rounds firing continuously when the trigger is pulled.  Bushmaster is requesting that the use of ALL Bushmaster ACR’s cease for your safety.

If you own an ACR (like me) you must send it into bushmaster for the fix. Call their customer service department for a return authorization number.

Bushmaster ACR Product Recall and Safety Notice

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Bushmaster ACR in 300 Blackout Coming Soon?

Bushmaster ACR 300 AAC BLACKOUT300 AAC BLACKOUT Bushmaster ACR ?
The Bushmaster ACR in 300 Blackout is rumored to be announced just before the 2011 Shot Show event. Our Gun Spy’s are reporting it may use the same bolt and magazine yet require a new barrel.

The 300 AAC Blackout is an amazing 30 caliber ammunition that matches the ballistics of the 7.62x39mm AK, has 37% more energy than 5.56mm M855, and 9% more than 6.8 SPC TAP 110. In fact, from a 9 inch barrel, the 300BLK has more muzzle energy than 5.56mm M855 from a 16 inch barrel. When 300 BLK is used in a 16 inch barrel, it has 23% more energy than 5.56mm M855 from a 16 inch barrel – with much higher-mass projectiles for a more dramatic effect on the target.

300 Blackout Bushmaster ACR Release Date?

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300 AAC Blackout Remington 700 Barrels now Available!

Remington 300 Blackout 700 Barrels 300 Blackout Remington 700 Barrel
The 300 BLK barrels for the Rem 700/Model-7 are available. They are 16″, 1:8 twist, Nitride finish, threaded 5/8-24 and come as pictured with thread protector. Retail is $400.

Usually it’s DPMS who releases the new ammunition barrels and accessories first within the freedom group but this time it’s Remington with the 700/Model-7 and Bushmaster with the rumors we reported about the ACR possibly coming with the 300 Blackout ACR.

(source AAC Blog)

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Leupold CQBSS 1.1-8×24 Rifle Scope Optic

Leupold CQBSS Reviews

Leupold CQBSS 1.1 – 8×24 Rifle Scope
Known for their durable high quality telescopic sights and spotting scopes has a revolutionary new optic set  for release very soon.  The all New Leupold CQBSS 1.1 – 8x24mm  rifle scope.

The Leupold CQBSS 1.1-8×24 mm features a holographic red dot that you can dial from 1.1 up to 8x magnification fast and with ease by turning the back of the scope with no bezel ring to hunt for.  The Leupold CQBSS features a reticle on the front focal plane meaning that no matter what power setting you are on the adjustment necessary is all the same.

Leupold CQBSS Scope Release Date?

A new and simple designed locking turret allowing you adjusting it in millimeters by squeeze or pinch was well thought out by Leupold.  For every click its a 10th millimeter adjustment.

Instead of the conventional reticle in the CQBSS Leupold has opted to use the H27 horus vision reticle which is nice as the mill adjustments make adapting to the next shot faster and easier.  The Leupold CQBSS also features an illuminated center point reticle which is optimal for low light environments.  Ton’s of features put the Leupold CQBSS in a class of it’s own for example when adjusting the illumination of your reticle you dont have to cycle through various settings to get there you can simply go anywhere from off to 8x in a single click.

Leupold CQB 1.1 8X Magnification

The ability to turn the reticle off between numbers is another advanced feature that no other optic company has touched on yet.  With the Leupold CQBSS You can set the illuminated reticle to be on for certain magnification settings and off in others.  Overall Leupold has created an optic that greatly reduces the amount of time needed to dial in to a specific setting.  Its an amazing tool for those who have to shoot both short and long range.

Leupold CQBSS Release Date?Leupold has not released official data on the new CQBSS but rumors are that it will be coming in from $2500 – 3000 dollars and be released before years end.

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