Bushmaster Closing Down Windham Maine Factory?

Bushmaster going out of businessWindham, ME Bushmaster Plant Closes?

Rumors are abound inside the Firearms industry that Bushmaster is planning to announce another factory closure this afternoon.  This would be the second factory shutting it’s doors in only a year. First was it’s Arizona plant that focused on carbon fiber, now many are speculating it will be the Windham Maine facility next. One can only assume they will move the bulk of its manufacturing to its Ilion, NY location.  No word on how DPMS will be affected by this.

Another rumor floating about is that Bushmaster will close down several months after the 2011 shot show.  I see this one as a long shot but who knows with their recent plant closures, layoffs, and setbacks.

None of this has been confirmed yet but GunBlog.com will keep you posted as the news trickles in.

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A-TACS ACU by Propper Announced

Propper International™ and Digital Concealment Systems are proud to announce the Spring 2011 launch of the new A-TACS® ACU.

A-TACS represents a radical step forward in the science of concealment technology. The patented A-TACS process replaces digital square pixels with small organically shaped pixels, removing all 90-degree angles to create a more natural appearance. Additionally, the organic pixels are segmented into larger groupings organized within the pattern, creating a unique “pattern within a pattern” concept that enables A-TACS to conceal the operator more effectively at greater distances than previously possible. The pattern also features a greater range of inter-mingled natural colors for enhanced concealment. The base color is a neutral tan, designed to blend effortlessly in open, rocky or arid environments.

Where to Buy ATACS ACU Proper Uniform?

“Propper is honored to be a part of such a groundbreaking development in military and law enforcement concealment,” said John Asaro, VP Marketing for Propper International. “We are dedicated to providing the best possible apparel to the soldiers and officers who serve our country, and our partnership with A-TACS solidifies that effort.”

The Propper A-TACS ACU is sewn to military specifications and made from 65/35 poly/cotton ripstop fabric for maximum durability.

The A-TACS ACU is among the most anticipated A-TACS products launching worldwide and will serve as the core component of the product line, which includes boots from Danner®, packs and nylon kit from Tactical Assault Gear™, single or dual point gun slings from Blue Force Gear™, and weapons and optics systems from Remington®, Bushmaster® and Bushnell®. This broad collection of introductory products represents the first full head-to-toe concealment system offering to tactical professionals in the U.S.

Propper will advance the A-TACS product line with boonie hats and combat shirts. These items will be available for purchase from Propper authorized dealers.

For more information, visit www.propper.com.
(source A-TACS.com)

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Sig Sauer SIG556 7.62 x 39 Rifle

New Sig556 7.62 ReviewSIG556 7.62
We just received word from Burgess Marketing that the Sig Sauer SIG556 chambered in 7.62 x 39 is indeed in the works and coming.  Word is that it will come standard with a rail system for optics and such which is good news as the current SIG556 lacks that.  The SIG556 7.62 will feature an AK-47 bolt supporting AK047 magazines.

Expect a few variations coming shortly after release but the standard offering will come with a 16″ barrel.  The new SIG556 7.62 will not be an AR based design and like the current SIG556 is based on the swiss 550/551 so expect it to be similar except for the rail system, bolt, and receiver.  This should be an excellent alternative to the Robinson Arms XCR 7.62 and my guess is a more refined and reliable weapon.

SIG556 7.62x39 New Rifle ReviewSigSauerGuns is reporting that the SIG556 in 7.62 will have an MSRP hovering in the 1500 – 1700 range. GunBlog.com will have images later this month and keep you posted as more information arrives.  The images in this post are just speculative at this point showing a SIG556 with a rail system. The Sig556 7.62 x 39 should have a similar style to it.

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