Aramalite and Impact Training Center

Posted by on March 27, 2011 in Training |

ArmaLite, the company that brought us the famous AR rifles, and Impact Training, an industry leader in firearms training, are teaming together to bring shooters a new venue to hone in on their skills.  The Armalite and Impact Training center is a 120 acre facility in Northwest Illinois consisting of over 10 ranges and shoot houses giving a wide scope for different firearm training programs.

The training facility hosts four 50 yard pistol/carbine ranges, one 100 yard pistol/carbine range, one 600 yard known distance range, one fully ballistic live-fire shoothouse, a repelling tower and a dismounted shooting course.  The Armalite/Impact training facility will offer a wide range of courses available to the public as well as courses that will be closed to Military or Law enforcement only.

As a shooter, one will also hit plateaus with there ability, and training is the only way to truly advance your ability.  While watching DVDs, reading the blogs and forums, and practicing drills may help you improve, they’re still no substitute for live training with experienced professionals.  I would  love to attend some classes at this new sprawling facility; however, since I’m not law enforcement or military, I would probably have to use a loaner, since my carbine and pistols wouldn’t be considered legal in Illinois (I’m assuming).  Either way, the facilities look great and if you have a chance to attend, it would probably be worth your while.

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