AR in .338 Lapua… Introducing the Bad News

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Bad News .338

Ironically, the Bad News is very good news.  The Bad News is what the Noreen’s have dubbed their new .338 Lapua Semi Auto Rifle, and basically its a finely machined semi automatic .338 Lapua built upon a piston driven AR platform.  Its weighs in at a mere 13 pounds, which is impressive for a .338 with a 26 inch barrel; however I would have to assume that is the weight when not loaded.

Two options are available for the “Bad News,” the standard which comes in at $4,995 or you can add a NightForce 3.5-15 scope for $6,995, which may seem like a lot, but one needs to consider that Noreen backs its rifles for life. The Noreen Bad News also sports a PRS stock, and can take a 5 or 10 round magazine.

Here is what Noreen says about their new Semi Auto .338, some specs, and a few videos:

The innovative Noreen Bad News .338 Lapua ULR provides tactical marksmen with the performance of a powerful and proven long range cartridge with the numerous advantages of the venerable AR platform.
Weighing just 13 pounds, the Bad News .338 Lapua ULR is light enough and portable enough to serve as a patrol rifle, yet it vastly outperforms comparable bolt-action sniper rifles. The rifle’s custom muzzle brake and semi-automatic action significantly suppress recoil. With no bolt to manually work, the smooth action semi-automatic action allows the shooter to keep his head in the scope and his eye on the target for rapid, accurate follow-up shots.

In the AR tradition, the Bad News .338 Lapua ULR disassembles quickly for easy cleaning, then reassembles with no loss of zero. The familiar fit and feel of a conventional AR rifle makes the transition to the more powerful sniper rifle virtually seamless. The Noreen Bad News .338 Lapua Ultra Long Range Rifle includes a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship as long as you own it.

Bad News AR15


  • Piston-driven semi-automatic action
  • Effective to 1500 yards
  • Accurate, powerful .338 Lapua round
  • Modest recoil
  • Weighs just 13 pounds
  • Receiver is machined from a billet of 6061 T6 aluminum
  • MIL spec or adjustable trigger
  • 26” barrel (1 in 10” twist)
  • One-Piece bolt Carrier Made from 8620 Steel
  • Custom muzzle brake
  • Full-Length picatinny rail on receiver 5 or 10 round magazine
    accepts 300 gr bullets
  • 4 full-length, integral Picatinny rails on handguard Magpul PRS Adjustable Stock
    Hard Case

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