AK 47 Classic or Modern?

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AK 47 Classic or Modern?

The AK-47 is an iconic weapon. Amongst other things, it is a symbol of revolution and rugged durability. As with most things, it has undergone some cosmetic changes over the years and has more variants than I care to guess at. One thing remains the same though, an AK-47 looks like an AK-47.

I’ve always been a fan of the classic look. The wood furniture just speaks to me in a way that the more modern looking ones can’t. The textures of wood and metal complement one another, and to me at least, represent man’s longing for nature in a modern world.

I’m curious to know where other people stand concerning the look of the AK-47 and its many variants. Do you prefer the classic look or the modern, and what do you like about it?













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