AK-200 Rifle: The Next Generation AK

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Next Generation AK Rifle finally revealed!

I was reading through a couple of gun blogs and forums this week and came across an update on the future AK rifle which will most likley be named the AK-200.

The new AK-200 will feature a high capacity 60 round magazine, folding  skeleton stock and finally gobs more picatinny rails for your upgrades and attachments.  Rumor is that the gun will be offered with a bipod as well and birdcage designed flash hider.Off the start it appears it will be manufactured in the Russian city of Izhevsk which is also the same location where the famous Kalashnikovs are assembled.

The spokesman for Izhmash said:

“The AK-200 is designed to contribute to a full-blown modernization of the Russian Armed Forces. Significantly, the new model is based on the AK-74, internationally known for its reliability and ease of use , the AK-200’s sophisticated design is fully in tune with new demands for waging modern warfare. The new Kalashnikov differs in weight and the magazine capacity, citing a 60-cartridge magazine the AK-200 is equipped with. It is safe to assume that the new Kalashnikov‘s characteristics are on a par with those of assault rifles currently used by NATO troops.”

GunBlog.com will keep you posted on any new info about the 21st century AK rifle, for now have a look at the pics below…

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(source via thefirearmblog.com &  Glocktalk.com)

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