AICS in Multicam

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Spotted at Shot Show, the Accuracy International booth had some very awesome tactical artwork painted on their guns–complete with the Multicam (r) logo and everything.  I asked the representative there if they’re commercially available, and he replied “not yet;” yet being the keyword here.

Accuracy International put the stocks out as a “feeler” to see what kind of reaction they would get.  Well, from the looks of it, I’m willing to bet Accuracy International will be releasing these beauties.  I asked if AI received overwhelmingly positive feedback, how long would it be before I can drop my Remmy 700 short action in one.  Well, hopefully his answer is accurate because if all goes we could be seeing AICS stocks in Multicam by Summer.  For me, its like asking, how long did it take to figure out that peanut butter goes with jelly?  It just seems like a natural combination.

Check out the pictures below then vote in the poll.

ACIS in Suitcase

Multicam Sniper rifle

Multicam 700 stock

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