37 mm Havoc Launchers

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37 mm Havoc Launchers

One of my favorite parts of basic training was trying out the special weapons, and at the top of that list was the M203 grenade launcher. While it is possible to get one as a civilian (difficult and very expensive), there is an alternative I’ve been looking at for a little while now.

Spike’s Tactical offers two styles of picatinny rail mounted 37 mm flare launchers. One is a 12 inch standard slide breach design; the other is a 9 inch swivel breach design. Both launchers are machined from solid billet material and are composed of 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum and 1018 cold rolled steel. As such, the Havoc 37 mm launchers have a cleaner look to them vs. some of the welded launchers available. With the cost of the 12 inch launcher being just under $300 and 9 inch launcher under $350, these are two well priced launchers.

Sold as is, it is a flare launcher and is not a “destructible device,” meaning that if you fire something lethal through it you’ve committed a felony. However, I’ve read that it is possible (meaning less difficult and expensive than purchasing an M203) to get a flare launcher registered as a destructive device, which would then allow you to put all kinds of fun things through a launcher such as this. Of course, you would want to do your own research to find out if this is possible where you live.

Who else would like to see one of these mounted on their rifle? Do any of you happen to have a 37 mm Havoc launcher? If you do, how do you like it?





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