Small Mobile Payment Business Fills the Void Left by Square’s New Anti-Gun TOS

Earlier this week, gun owners looking to use mobile payments for their gun purchases got some depressing news.  The mobile payment company, Square, recently altered their TOS (Terms of Service) purposefully to prohibit anyone from using their service for a gun purchase of any kind.  Their new TOS specifically forbids the sales of firearms, firearm hardware, ammunition and parts, and also blocks the sale of weapons in general.  Here’s the new add-on to their TOS,

“(23) sales of (i) firearms, firearm parts or hardware, and ammunition; or (ii) weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury”

This is just another example of a long string of companies who discriminate against firearms and their owners/vendors in the current polarized political environment.  This obviously created a small void for vendors and consumers looking to facilitate a firearm product purchase using a mobile payment.  Square is one of the larger options in that market, and now that it is gone, it makes it tougher to purchase guns using mobile payments.  Luckily, the spirit of free enterprise is alive and well in the world and this created an opportunity for small business to step up and fill that void.  A new company called has answered that call.

OurPhoneSwipe noticed how much extra business they suddenly started getting after Square changed their TOS. The company wisely made the move to double down on this opportunity.  They immediately reached out to gun merchants and websites in an effort to get the word out that they will not abandon gun vendors and owners.  OurPhoneSwipe even signed up as a supporting vendor on a number of gun related fan websites including, &  OurPhoneSwipe also has better rates than most of their competitors, so that is a big extra plus.

Interestingly, this at first caused a bit of confusion on many of these sites.  Some folks (including forum moderators) assumed they were spam and promptly called out to ban them because they are not directly firearm related.  This was before they had a chance to read their introductions.  Luckily, things were worked out and now that everyone knows who they are and why they are there, they have received a warm welcome.  It’s great to see companies like OurPhoneSwipe step up to the plate and support the exchange of legitimate products in the free enterprise system.


Disclosure: is a paid supporting vendor on some of our sites. They did not pay for this article. We felt it was news worthy and that all gun owners should know the companies who choose not to do business with them (Square).

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