New Bersa BP Concealed Carry 9mm

Bersa BP9CC

Bersa is offering a new concealed carry pistol next year named the BP9CC.  Bersa’s new pistol’s style differs somewhat from their current lineup.  First it has less of that PPS type of look with squarer lines, and second it’s striker fired which leaves it without an external hammer.  From the looks of the picture, the Bersa BP9CC has some rough texture spots on the frame, a serrated slide towards the back and a picatinny rail for attaching a tactical light.  The front sights are of a SIG SAUER type and the rear are an interchangeable Glock type making it easier for owners to put in aftermarket sights.  The BP9CC isn’t exactly a pocket pistol being that its total length is 6.35 inches, but is still small enough to be a comfortable concealed carry gun.  the Bersa BP9CC will come in two finishes; the Matte Black will retail for $429 and the Duotone will be $440.

Bersa BP CC 9mm Specifications:

Model:                       BP9CC

Caliber:                      9mm

Action:                       Short reset DAO

Capacity:                   8+1

Barrel Length:         3.3”

Weight:                     21.5 oz.

Length:                      6.35”

Height:                      4.8”

Width:                       .94”

Frame Material:      Hi Impact Polymer

Slide Material:         Stainless Steel

Sights:                        Front-Interchangeable SIG SAUER type

Rear – Interchangeable GLOCK type

Finish:                        Matte Black or Duotone

MSRP:                        $429.00 Matte Black

$440.00 Duotone


Bersa BP9CC pics

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Make Ready with Travis Haley Adaptive Kalash

Travis Haley’s second Panteao production video after leaving Magpul Dynamics will be featuring the AK-47; so all of those who were wishing for a Magpul Ak-47 video, this is the closest your going to get.  From the trailer below, it looks great.  It seems that Haley applies his no-nonsense logic to firearms manipulation as he always does with his instruction.  I’ll definitely be picking up a copy to review.

Here’s how Panteao Productions describes the video:

The Kalashnikov Rifle – misunderstood and underestimated by the media, often portrayed as inaccurate and unwieldy – is so widely adopted across the world it deserves fairer treatment by end users. The Adaptive Kalash training video introduces the viewer to the proper handling and usage of this rifle.

Special Operations Veteran Travis Haley guides you through the different types of AK rifle you may come across. Modifications and caliber choices are reviewed and discussed, so that you can find the best platform for your particular needs. Key points reviewed include correct loading techniques, safety manipulation, and dealing with malfunction. The common misconceptions surrounding the use of the AK platform at long ranges are addressed, along with establishing a zero that works for your situation.

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Weatherby Mark 5 Rifles in .338 Lapua Magnum

Weatherby has expanded their Mark 5 line to include the go to long range cartridge, the .338 Lapua.  The new Mark 5 models  featuring the .338 chamber will be the Mark V Accumark, TRR, and TRR RC  rifles.

The new Weatherby Mark V Accumark rifles feature a hand laminated Monte Carlo composite stock with a CNC-machine 6061 T-6 aluminum bedding.  To assist accuracy, the Mark V Accumark has a 26″ fluted chrome moly barrel with a #3 countour, which is completely free floated and topped off with a recessed target crown and a Accubrake muzzle brake.  The trigger is factory-tuned and fully adjustable allowing shooters to get their desired weight on the pull.  MSRP for the Mark V Accumark  is $2,900.

Weahterby Mark 5 .338Weatherby Mark V Accumark .338 Lapua

The  other Mark V in .338 is more of the tactical flavor and has more features aiding precision shooting.  The Mark V TRR (Threat Response Rifle) hosts a lot of the same features of the Mark V Accumark such as the barrel specs  but its bedded in a precision tactical stock that allows adjustable comb and length of pull.  The trigger is also upgraded to an enhanced, fully-adjustable hand tuned trigger that’s factory set at three pounds with the sear engagement factory set at .008 to .014.  MSRP for the Weatherby Mark V TRR is $2,900 which isn’t that bad considering the market for tactical bolt action rifles chambered in .338 Lapua.

Weatherby Mark 5 TRR pics

Weatherby Mark V TRR

And lastly, for those wanting an ultimate out of the box Weatherby built for extreme precision, comes the Mark V TRR RC (Range Certified).  Weaherby’s range certified models are guaranteed to shoot Sub-Moa out of the box and are certified by Weahterby’s range technicians before leaving the factory.  The Mark V TRR RC features the same trigger as the TRR with the main differences being the barrel and the stock.  The barrel is a 26″ Custom Cut-Rifled #3 free floated barrel from Krieger (world renowned barrel makers).  Also the stock has a custom paint job and is also aluminum bedded.  Owners of the Weatherby Mark V TRR RC will also receive a target signed by Ed Weatherby himself  showing the sub-moa group that their rifle produced and a special RC engraved floorplate on the rifle.  The upgraded TRR RC model does come with significantly higher price at $4,100, but is still well under most tactical .338 precision rifles out there.  If Weatherby really wanted to sweeten the deal (and the accuracy of their rifle), maybe they should  of glass bedded them from the factory–it would of cost a bit more in money and man hours but if they could keep the price around that same mark, it would be one heck-of-a deal.

Mark 5 TRR RC picsWeatherby Mark V TRR RC

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New Magpul STR and ACS-L Stocks

Magpul ACS-L

Magpul has just introduced a couple of new stocks featuring storage on your AR-15.  The new STR (Storage/Type Restricted) and ACS-L (Adaptive Carbine Stock – Light) stocks will be available for purchase this month.  Both stocks seem to be modified versions of currently available Magpul stocks.

Magpul ACS-L Pics

The new Magpul ACS-L stock is pretty much exactly what you’re thinking it would be–a slightly lighter version of the current ACS stock.  I own an ACS stock and it could use a little weight reduction so good on Magpul for tweeking it.  It shares all the same features of the ACS with the only difference being the battery tubes which are slimmer resulting in a 10% weight difference from its predecessor.  The Magpul ACS-L stock is also cheaper at $100 compared to $140 for the ACS.

Magpoul STR pics

Magpul’s other new stocks seems to be a hybrid between their ACS stock and CTR stock.  The Magpul STR is another drop in replacement stock designed to be a storage capable CTR.  It hosts the same features of the CTR such as the friction reduction system that cuts down on stock movement and the same locking system.  The STR is also priced at $100 and will be available this month.

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