Colt .380 Mustang Pockelite

Colt Mustang review

Colt is going to release a new and improved .380 Mustang Pockelite which they showed earlier this year at SHOT SHOW.  The new Colt .380 Mustang Pocketlite features an aluminum alloy receiver with a stainless steel slide and barrel; both of which are CNC machined from solid block.  The new lightweight Mustang Pocketlite has a total length of 5.5 inches with a 2.75 inch barrel,  weighs only 12 ounces and holds 6 rounds.  Price for the .380 Mustang Pocketlite should be between $600-$700 dollars.  Check below for pics of Colt’s new .380 pocket pistol taken at SHOT SHOW earlier this year.

Colt Mustang Pics

Colt .380 Mustang Review

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Chris Costa Leaving Magpul Dynamics

Costa Leaving Magpul Dynamics

The other big name at Magpul Dynamics, Chris Costa, will be leaving Magpul Dynamics later this year to form his new company called Costa Ludus as reported by Rob Curtis over at the Gearscout blog on
Some people have been speculating already that something is up at Magpul Dyanmics.  Earlier this year, former interim CEO and the other Magpul Dynamics frontman Travis Haley quit.  Combine the departure of the two faces of Magpul Dynamics along with the controlling interest purchase of Magpul Industries by BRS, it creates an atmosphere ripe for speculatio.  However, according to the Gearscout article,  they feel that all of the events are unrelated.  Magpul Dynamics’s Art of the Precision Rifle and instructional driving video are still going to be released as planned.

I honestly hope  don’t think there’s anything to worry about.  Magpul Industries has almost a lock on the magazine market for the AR-15 along with all of its other extremely popular accessories.  The name Magpul is now synonymous with quality and affordability and its the go-to accessory for any AR-15 owner.  Both Travis and Chris are extremely marketable, and it would only make sense for them to venture out to create something of their own. wishes them luck, and hopefully one day we’ll be able to attend one of their classes.

Below is the full press release from Magpul:

Chris Costa to Branch Out On His Own in 2012

Since 2007, Magpul Dynamics has trained thousands of professional and civilian shooters, and reached countless more through a comprehensive collection of instructional DVDs.  With an emphasis on real world techniques, consistency, and efficiency, Magpul Dynamics has brought tactical instruction to the forefront of the shooting community.  The application of these philosophies to high quality multimedia productions has helped propel the entire firearms training industry to new heights, garnering the attention of a larger audience than ever before.

The entire instructor cadre has been instrumental in the success of these endeavors, not the least of which has been Chris Costa.  Chris will be moving on in early 2012 to pursue new projects within the industry, including his own training company. Magpul will continue to explore future opportunities to work with Chris, and looks forward to these projects. It has been a privilege to work with Chris for the last five years, and Magpul wishes him the best of luck in the future. The fundamentals of Reality, Consistency, and Efficiency that Chris helped instill are central to the entire Magpul Dynamics instructor cadre, and will continue to drive their training philosophy and mindset.


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M2 CORP M.A.D.S. (Magazine Auxiliary Defense System)

MADS Review

A while back, a new gun accessory company, M2 Corp,  reached out to and asked us to take a look at their M.A.D.S. or Magazine Auxiliary Defense System.  To clarify the long acronym, its a spiked butt plate that goes on the bottom of your 1911 or Glock magazine, but to M2’s credit, their name sounds much better than spiked butt plate.  It’s intent is to be able to turn your pistol into a  striking device.  I’ve had a few weeks to handle the M.A.D.S. for the 1911 and gave the Glock model for a friend of Gunblog’s to check out.  M2 has made a very interesting accessory that may be more for looks for some, but could prove to very functional for a niche market.

M.A.D.S. PicturesConstruction/Installation

The M.A.D.S. is made of a very durable polymer which mirrors the same type of polymer seen on high end magazines and Glock frames.  The “teeth” of the M.A.D.S. are sharper than I anticipated and they’re quite small.  Although there’s not much to the M.A.D.S.’s construction, it seems solid and durable.

Installation differs between the Glock and the 1911.  We’ll start with the easier one, the Glock.  Installation only consists of sliding off the bottom plate of your Glock 9mm/.40 magazine and sliding on the M.A.D.S.–voilà, your Glock’s magazine is now a pistol whipping enhancement device.

Magazine Spikes

The 1911’s installation is not nearly as easy, as you’ll need some tools to complete the job.  Its not serious gunsmithing, but drilling is involved.  The 1911’s M.A.D.S. kit comes with the actual M.A.D.S. itself along with 2 small screws.  Installation consists of drilling two small pilot holes on the bottom of your 1911’s magazine floor plate (I used 1/32″ bits to install mine).  After that, its just a matter attaching the M.A.D.S. onto the magazine’s floor plate–which can be a little tricky.  If you have a magnetic screw driver then it’s much easier guiding the screws in and attaching the M.A.D.S.

Overall, the installation isn’t that difficult, especially the Glock’s model–and after it’s installed, the M2 Corp M.A.D.S. definitely gives the pistol a fierce look.


So its pretty obvious what the intended function of the M.A.D.S. is right?  But how well does it work, and what are some of the pros vs cons of installing the device?

First off, the pros.  It turns your pistol into a fantastic melee device.  Seriously, I would hate to be pistol whipped by this thing.  I have a habit of slamming my magazines in the well; I like to ensure they’re seated.  Only once I made the mistake of slamming the magazine in with the M.A.D.S. installed, and after my palm felt like it was ravaged by piranhas.  So the M.A.D.S. achieves its goal as being a pain infliction device.  If I was in the absolute worst case scenario where my gun doesn’t work and I’m forced to use it as a melee weapon, I would want a M.A.D.S. installed for sure.

M.A.D.S. review

It should be  noted that after installing the  M.A.D.S. on the Glock or the 1911, both guns worked flawlessly.  Installing the M.A.D.S. had absolutely no impact on the functionality of the pistol.

There are some trade-offs for installing the M.A.D.S. on your pistol/magazine.  First off, if you carry concealed, the teeth of the M.A.D.S. could do a number on you jacket or shirt.  I’m sure after a while, it could damage your clothes.  Also, if you’re carrying in a holster while driving, the M.A.D.S. could eat up your car seat.  Just a couple of things to think about before installing a M.A.D.S.  Another drawback is on the 1911 M.A.D.S., after installing it, it makes it almost impossible to take off the bottom plate of the magazine.


The M2 Corp Magazine Auxiliary Defense System or M.A.D.S. has a big complex name for a simple straight to the point device.  It serves its purpose fully–it turns your magazine into a great pain infliction device.  I can see police officers liking this since it can turn their magazine in a great submission device.  Having the M.A.D.S. even mildly pressed into my skin is enough for me to say uncle.  Although this device is mainly aimed at law enforcement, I can imagine plenty of gun owners installing it on their home defense pistol.

The M.A.D.S. costs $12.95 for either the 1911 model or the Glock. Both are available at 

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Sig Sauer P226 MK25

Sig MK25 Pics

Yesterday we told you that SIG SAUER is going to stop producing the SIG P226 Navy and replace it with the new Sig P226 MK 25.  Today, we have the pics and info of the new SIG P226 MK 25.

The new Sig P226 MK 25 is the exact (I mean exact) same pistol our US Navy SEAL teams are carrying today.  And when I say exact, I mean even the name.  Its rare to see the civilian version of a firearm and its military counterpart to share the exact same nomenclature, but in this rare case, the Navy gave Sig its blessing to do so.  This is not a commemorative pistol either, it is the exact same gun SIG SAUER  produces for its contract with the Navy.

So what are you, and the Navy SEALS getting with the P226?  Well it comes with 2 piece grips, night sights, a true 1913 picatinny rail and all of the internal parts have been phosphate coated.  Even the UID identification label is the same as the Navy’s.

I can see Fanboys (and girls) of SIG SAUER and the Navy SEALS jumping all over this (and I’m sure if you drew a Venn diagram of these two demographics, the two circles would lay on top of each other).  With as proven and reliable as the P226 is, and its use by our most elite soldiers, I’m sure Sig has a winner with this new P226 MK25–the question is, are they going to make enough of them and are you going to be able to find one?  Check below for pics and specs.

Sig MK25 pics

Sig MK25 PicsSig Sauer Navy MK25


  • Caliber 9MM
  • Overall Length 7.70 in
  • Overall Height 5.50 in
  • Overall Width 1.50 in
  • Barrel Length 4.40 in
  • Sight Radius 6.30 in
  • Sights SIGLITE® Night sights
  • Weight w/Magazine 34.4 oz
  • Frame Material Alloy
  • Frame Finish Nitron®
  • Slide Material Stainless Steel
  • Slide Finish Black hard anodized
  • Magazine Capacity 15 Rounds
  • Trigger DA/SA
  • Trigger Pull DA 10.0 lbs / SA 4.4 lbs
  • Features UID identifi cation label, anti-corrosion coatings on controls and internal components, anchor engraving
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