Blackhawk 30mm 4-20x50mm Scope Review

Blackhawk Scope Review


Earlier this year Blackhawk introduced a new line of riflescopes available exclusively through Cabellas.  Blackhawk offered 30mm and 1” versions, both with various models with different magnifications.  We were lucky enough to receive their flagship,  4-20x50mm magnification scope sent to us to try out for a few months.

When the scopes were first announced by Blackhawk, I must admit, I had some serious reservations.  First, a company that’s most famous for their molle gear, holsters, and apparel was now getting into the highly competitive and equally precise optics game?  Second, they announced that the scopes were not American made, but imported.  And finally, they 4-24x model costs $900 at Cabellas, which puts the Blackhawk riflescope’s price tag parallel with the Vortex Viper PST and Burris XTR scopes which are proven mid level scopes.  Well after about 4 months using Blackhawk’s entry into the optics game some of those reservations have been resolved, but left one question still lingering—is Blackhawk’s new scope worth almost $900?

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New Trijicon SRS Red Dot

Trijicon has a new reflect sight coming out next year that hosts some features never seen before in a red dot sight.  Some features are just improvements over the existing higher end red dots on the market, such as a much wider field of view and its a little smaller.  The most innovative feature on the new Trijicon SRS is that it uses solar cells to extend battery life to a length of about 3 years on a single AA battery.

Along with a battery life that almost matches that of the Aimpoint line of red dots, it seems it is shorter than the EoTechs and has a greater field of view.  Its stubbiness also eliminates that “tube-effect” view that’s common on red dot sights wither a longer tube.  Here is the full press release from Trijicon on their new SRS:

October 10, 2011 – The profile length of the new Trijicon SRS™ is short and the advanced list of features is long, as the innovative products continue from Trijicon. The new Trijicon SRS (Sealed Reflex Sight) is a reflex-type sight with a unique optical design, housed in a body length of only 3.75 inches, that virtually eliminates the “tube-effect” common with other, competitive red dot sights. The result—a field of view that essentially provides no obstruction to shooters. That means lightning fast target engagements at CQB distances with no distraction from the shooter’s situational awareness. The SRS is ideal for military, law enforcement and recreational applications on a variety of firearm platforms from AR’s to shotguns.

Equally impressive is the technology built into powering a LED lighted 1.75 MOA aiming point that includes ten brightness settings – including three NVG settings. The SRS is powered by a solar panel and a single, common AA battery. This uniquely patented configuration allows the user years of illumination life from a single battery by offering an intuitive “solar assist”, that is, drawing on battery power only when the solar cell requires additional energy support for illumination based on ambient conditions.

The Trijicon SRS™ is built to endure the rigors of extreme in-the-field use and carries the same stringent testing requirements as the renowned Trijicon ACOG® line of sighting systems. Additional features include a parallax-free objective lens, an auto-locking, self-adjusting level mount and waterproof to fifty meters.’s gearscout blog did a good write up with some good pics on the Trijicon which can be seen here. And here is their video:


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New Magpul MOE+ and MOE-K AR-15 Grips

MOE+ Review

First seen at SHOT SHOW 2010, Magpul has finally started shipping their newest AR-15 grip additions.  They have two new offerings.  The MOE+ and the MOE-K.

The MOE+ is basically a rubber MOE grip.  I had a chance to handle it at this year’s SHOT SHOW and I do prefer its grip to their original MOE.  The MOE+ gave a greater sense of control with the weapon and it was a much more comfortable grip.  Here is what Magpul has to say about its new MOE+:

The MOE+ Grip combines reinforced polymer body construction with comfortable, wrap-around rubber overmolding for maximum weapon control in adverse environments. With a similar shape to a ‘medium’ sized MIAD, this AR15/M16 drop-in design features a hard-polymer bottom edge to reduce the possibility of equipment snags or grip damage. The MOE+ Grip accepts optional storage cores for gear stowage and includes a basic grip cap. All mounting hardware included.

Magpul MOE+ Review
Magpul’s other new addition is their MOE-K which is geared towards PDW (Personal Defense Weapon).  It has a sleeker profile and snag free designed meant to cater to those security detail folks that may be getting in and out of cars a lot and have a need for a more compact weapon.  From Magpul:

Designed as a drop-in upgrade for the standard AR15/M16 pistol grip, The MOE-K Grip provides a low profile, compact design and steeper grip angle compared to more traditional styles.

With a more vertical grip angle optimized for use on PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) configurations, the MOE-K Grip improves comfort and control on rifles that bring the primary hand in closer to the shooter’s body or body armor. The slim profile also makes it an excellent choice for shooters who prefer a smaller grip circumference.

Both are grips are available to order straight from Magpul’s website or check your local gun shop.  The MOE+ costs $23.95 and the MOE-K costs $19.95.


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