HPR Ammo Range Report

A few weeks ago, we told you that HPR released a new V-Max 60 grain match .223 and we were lucky enough to receive some from them.  We had the chance to finally take it out to the range and see how it would perform.  The results were great.  The only thing I wish we had was a match grade .223 rifle to shoot it out of.

I used an AR15 I built, with a YHM suppressor and a 1.8-10x US Optics SN3.  On a good day, my rifle will shoot 1.25 MOA (more or less 1 1/4 inches at a 100 yards), and on an equally good day, I’m a 1.5 MOA shooter.

The HPR Match 60 grain .223 ammo performed well beyond mine or my rifle’s ability.  I was able to consistently shoot well within 2″ at 100 yards, even when hastily pulling the trigger to keep things interesting.  The accuracy was great, and it very well should be for having the label ‘match” on it, but for me that’s not the real selling point.

This HPR ammo also features their “hyperclean” technology, and if you shoot suppressed, its a must use.  Many shooters who have AR-15s and shoot them suppressed will tell you how particular the rifle can get with certain types of ammo.  Unless my rifle is white glove clean, it’ll hiccup on less than premium ammo, usually at least once per every 25 or so rounds.  With HPR’s Hyperclean ammo, I didn’t experience one malfunction (and never have).  Also, with shooting HPR ammo, it cuts my cleaning time down to half compared to bargain boxes–I would say it is a must shoot ammo for anyone that shoots suppressed.

HPR ammo is available through Scottsdaleammo.com.  I can tell you from experience that their shipping is extremely fast and their prices are more than reasonable considering the quality you’re getting.  Fifty-Five grain .223 runs $21 a box and the match grade V-Max 60 grain we tested runs $29.

Below are some pictures of 10 round groups at 100 yards.

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New Doubletap Pistol

Doubletap pistol pics

Heizer Defense has the most concealable modern firearm I’ve seen this year.  Their new Doubletap pistol looks like a modernized Derringer.  Labeled as a tactical pocket pistol, the Heizer Defense Doubletap is a hammerless break action pistol that has a 2 round capacity.  It also stores two rounds in the handle.  It fires utilizing a double-action trigger system, which leads me to believe that a full press on the trigger will fire both rounds.

The Doubletap is built on an aluminum frame  and will be chambered in 9mm or .45 ACP.  The new micro pistol is only .665 inches wide and weighs only 14 ounces which will make it the lightest and most compact pistol on the market.    To keep the muzzle rise down on such a small and compact barrel, the Doubletap features porting on both of its barrels–although I really don’t know how much that’s going to help with a .45 ACP coming out of a 2 inch barrel.   No price on it yet but it will be available sometime in 2012. We’ll keep you updated.

Doubletap video

doubletap review

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US Optics SN4 DFP (Dual Focal Plane)

New US Optics SN-4 DFP

Premier optics maker, US Optics has a new addition to their SN-4 line of optics which will sport a new and very welcomed feature.  We stated in our review of the SN-4 that while it was the finest optic we’ve handled, it still didn’t replace the CQB effectiveness of a red dot–USO seems to have rectified that.  The new USO SN-4 DFP (Dual Focal Plane) features a two focal planes for different applications combined in one optic.  The rear focal plane will contain the CQB reticule which will act like a red dot and be visible during day light.  The other focal plane, or First Focal Plane will stay proportionate to the target at any magnification level.

I can’t wait to see what reticules US Optics will offer with their new DFP SN-4s.  I’m sure it’ll be like all their scopes in which they offer the customers the choice of which reticule they’ld like.  Everything that I’ve handeled from US Optics has been pure gold from the optical clarity of the glass to the seemingly indestructibility of the construction so I have no doubts that their new DFP scopes will continue that standard.  It’ll be nice to have a  dual purpose optic without having to obtain a “chin weld” on your stock (as you have to do with a combined red dot with scope).

The new DFP scopes should be out soon (they’re not listed on their website as of yet) and will have a price tag that will reflect their superiority.  The SN4- 1-4x DFP mil shown below will have a MSRP of $1640.  The DFP option will also be available for the USO 1.5-6x SN-4 as well which is probably going to cost a tad more.


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Advanced Armament’s Honey Badger

AAC Rifle

AAC (Advanced Armament Corp.) needs to change that “C” from Corp. to Concepts because they keep teasing us with these concept guns they’re producing.  AAC posted yesterday their newest creation–the Honey Badger.

This thing looks ridiculously cool with all things AAC.  According to the AACblog.com, the Honey Badger was designed as a replacement for the MP5SD except that it shoots AAC’s proprietary round, the 300Blackout.  I tried getting some specifics today from AAC but since they’re not sure if its going to go to retail, they’re pretty tight lipped (hopefully we can convince them to send us some pictures).  But judging from the pictures, its built off an AR-15 platform with some very nice changes.  The Buttstock looks particularly appealing along with the handguards that resemble somewhat the Remington’s RGP handguards.  Also, who could miss that massive can–which makes me wonder if its integrally suppressed? The only thing this thing is missing to make it more AAC is a complete Argyle paint job to match Mer’s sweaters.

Well judging from the cool stuff AAC has been putting out lately it seems that being part of Freedom Group has its advantages.  I find it ironic that they’ve named their newest toy the Honey Badger, because AAC, just like the honey badger, just doesn’t give a $h!t, and they’re probably going to keep putting out sick stuff like this.  We’ll keep you updated with specs and pics if we ever get them.

AAC Honey Badger pics

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SCAR 17s Sniper

Officially announced at Paris’s MILIPOL, FNH will be producing the previously teased SCAR-H PR (precision rifle).  The SCAR-H PR is similar to the SCAR 17-S that we reviewed a few months back with some improvements to create one mean semi-auto precision rifle.

FNH’s SCAR-H PR features a 20″ heavy barrel and a match type 2 stage trigger.  The buttstock looks the same as the standard SCAR-H as well as the other standard features such as the sights and the caliber (7.62×51 NATO).  I would have liked to see a more dedicated precision buttstock to further differentiate the standard SCAR-H from the SCAR-H PR, but the standard stock works and it works well.  Also, if the pictures are accurate, I’m dissapointed that FNH didn’t include the PWS compensator with this model being that it proved to work so well with the SCAR 17S we reviewed.  Either way,  I’m sure soldiers in the field, especially DMRs, will welcome the SCAR-H PR with open arms if issued to them.

No word if FNH will offer a SCAR-17s PR (a civilian version) but I’m sure it would fly off the shelves just like the standard SCAR 17S did, even if it would have an expected inflated price.

SCAR sniper rifle

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