Sig 1911 Carry Scorpion

Sig Carry Scorpion Review

For those who wish to carry a Sig 1911 with a cool tactical tan coating, it may be a good idea to check out Sig’s new 1911 Carry Scorpion.  The new Sig Carry Scorpion is just like their full size 1911 Scorpion, but with a 4 inch barrel.  The Sig Sauer Scorpion reminds me of what I would imagine to be Sig’s counterpart to Kimber’s Desert Warrior; both are outstanding pistols.

Just like its full sized cousin, the Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Scorpion has a desert tan Cerakote finish, is chambered in .45 ACP, features Hogue G-10 grips and low Profile SIGLITE night sights.  The more CCW friendly Sig 1911 weighs 34.5 ounces unloaded, has a 4.2 inch barrel and an overall length of 7.7 inches.  Price should be right around the $1,000 mark at your local gun dealers.

1911 Carry Scorpion Pics


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Beretta Nano

Beretta Nano Pics

Another big name gun maker is going to start to making a pocket pistol–Beretta will be releasing the super small Nano later this year.  This new picolissimo Beretta is chambered in 9mm, has a polymer frame, ambidextrous controls, and user adjustable sights.  Price should be around $475.  Everyone seems to be coming out with extremely concealable pistols these days.  Sig has the P290 (which we currently have for a review), Ruger has the LC9 and LCP and now Beretta will have the Nano 9mm.  Maybe we’ll see a Springfield XD micro compact, or a Smith and Wesson M&P shuffle soon–it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

Beretta Nano Review

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Sig Sauer POW MIA 1911

Sig Sauer POW MIA 1911 Pics

Sig Sauer has got a very special 1911 coming out soon, the Sig Sauer 1911 POW MIA.  This new commemorative 1911 pays tribute to all the brave men and women that have served in our armed forces and were unfortunate enough to become prisoners of war, or become missing in action.  We used to keep a table open at all of our events when I served in the military, dedicating such table for those POWs and MIAs to ensure they were never forgotten; now Sig has a pistol doing the same.

The new Sig Sauer 1911 POW MIA pistol is a traditional full sized 1911 that shares some attributes similar to the Sig TACOPS we reviewed such as an external extractor and SIGLITE Night Sights.  The real distinct features of the SIG 1911 POW MIA are on the slide, which has barbed wire engraved along its length, along with highly polished engravings of the American Flag and dog tags.  The feature that most stands out is the custom Hogue aluminum POW MIA “You Are Not Forgotten” logo grips.  But the real icing on the cake is that the Sig 1911 POW MIA comes with a custom Ka-Bar knife with the same logo engraved on it.  Along with that, the Sig POW MIA 1911 comes with a Pelican locking case and a certificate of authenticity.  Although this Sig 1911 has all the indications that it would be one helluva gun to shoot, I feel that most would keep it as a safe queen, or on a mantel (with a trigger lock on, be responsible guys) for all to view to remember our POWs, MIAs, and all the brave men and women that have served America.

Sig 1911 POW MIA review

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Magpul Dynamics Driving Video ?

Chris Costa Driving Video

They started off with Art of the Tactical Carbine, then naturally followed that up with a hit sequel Art of the Tactical Carbine II.  After that, Magpul Dynamics put out Art of the Dynamic Handgun and Art of the Dynamic Shotgun.  So, you would think they would be done with their soon to be released Art of the Precision Rifle–well, not so fast, or very fast depending on how you look at it.

If you’ve been paying attention to Magpul’s facebook and blog, you’ll see that they’ve been working on vehicles for quite a while.  They actually have a facebook page called Magpul Heavy, which they showcase some of the vehicles they’ve been playing with.  At SHOT SHOW ’10, some attendees at internet viewers could have seen Magpul’s Unimog, which  perfectly epitomizes Magpul in a vehicle.  Also, Magpul just came back from Europe, where they were competing in the Breslau Rallye with one of their modified Unimogs.  So why would Magpul be dumping all this money into vehicles; I doubt they’re about to release Unimogs or even their motorcycle, the Ronin, anytime soon.  Plus, that’s not really the Magpul family’s style.  Magpul usually tests, tests, and then test their product some more then Magpul Dynamics will tease us with shots of the products in their videos (take a look at Art of the Tactical Carbine II and you’ll spot the Masada, aka ACR, and some other products they released after the video).  So the only thing left since they’ve ran out of gun platforms to instruct on, would be a platform that all shooters universally utilize in one way or another–a vehicle.

Magpul Unimog

“Oh Gunblog, you’re just speculating.” Are we?  I will say, I have unofficial confirmation that they have definitely shot footage for this upcoming video.  From who?  Well, lets just say if there was a horse’s mouth, his bearded one would be it.  We were asked not to release this info at the time it was given to us, since it was in casual conversation; however, with repeated emails going unanswered asking if we can release the Magpul Dynamics Driving Video news has lead us to believe they won’t mind.

Magpul Truck

When asked about the Dynamic Driving Video our source had some very interesting things to say such as, “We rented a Cadillac CTS and by the end of an afternoon of shooting, the tires on that thing were completely bald; the car rental company is definitely going to have to buy new tires for it.  We had it screeching the whole way around the track.”  I asked if there was anything about guns in the video, and sadly I don’t believe there will be.  If the video is fully produced and released, it’ll probably focus more on defense driving, and military driving techniques such as evasive driving and driving in combat conditions.  Expect it to be like Magpul’s Arial Platform video, but with less gun play and less for a military niche market and more applicable to a broader base since everyone drives.

Magpul Motorcycle

Hopefully, we don’t get in too much trouble for releasing this info, being that it hasn’t been confirmed (I would hate for the last words I hear to be, “BUST ‘EM!!!).  The only thing that we know for sure is that they’ve shot footage, no word on if or when the Magpul Dynamics Driving Video will be released, but it would be completely awesome to see Chris Costa drifting around in a CTS.


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Leupold VXR Patrol Optic

Leupold VXR Pics

Leupold got a good looking new tactical optic hitting the streets soon, the new Leupold VXR Patrol.  Its a 1.25-4x20mm scope that features an illuminated FireDot Special Purpose Reticle.  The new Leupold VXR Patrol shares a lot of the cool features of other VXR rifles released earlier this year such as Leupold’s MST (Motion Sensor Technology) which will automatically turn off the reticle illumination after the scope detects no motion for 5 minutes, saving battery life.  Along with a battery illuminated reticule, the VXR Patrol utilizes a fiber optic light pipe which will give a shooter a daytime illuminated reticle.

The VXR patrol also features a 30mm tube, Leupold’s Index Matched Lens System, DiamondCoat lenses, a one turn non locking eyepiece for adjusting from 1.25 to 4 times magnification.  Given the quality that Leupold puts out, and the features the VXR Patrol provides, it’s quite a deal with a price under $600.  The one thing that would make this a perfect close to mid range optic for me would be a true 0; 1.25 is ok, but there is a noticeable difference when using a true 0 magnification scope for close range work.  Either way, from the looks of the VXR Patrol, it looks to be a great deal.

VXR Patrol Review


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