New Sig Sauer Mosquito Finishes

The Sig Sauer Mosquito is one of my favorite .22 LR pistols on the market today.  Its 90% as big as a full size P226 which makes it a favorite for P226 owners wanting a trainer.  Its also a favorite for shooters, such as myself, that enjoy the growing trend of “quiet shooting,” or shooting with a silencer.  Sig Sauer is going to offering up their handheld .22 LR favorite in a few more colors with and without a threaded barrel.  The new Mosquito paint jobs include a Camo which looks a lot like a multicam type flavor, a carbon fiber finish, an OD green and a flat dark earth–so everyone’s favorite tacti-cool color is there.  Prices range $400-470 depending on if you want the threaded barrel or not.

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LWRC sues Sig Sauer

LWRC has a bone to pick with Sig Sauer; they’ve filed a lawsuit against Sig over the SIG516 rifle.  LWRC holds a patent on a “Self-cleaning gas operating system for a firearm,” and they’re claiming that Sig Sauer’s 516 is a direct infringement on this patent.  The lawsuit filed by LWRC (which can be viewed here) seeks financial damages to include interest and costs; the amount is unspecified.

I’ve never used or broken down LWRC’s or Sig’s rifles… yet… however I’ve handled them at SHOT, which didn’t tell me anything about the internals. So, I honestly don’t know how this will play out.  From my naive legal perspective, a “self cleaning gas operating system for a firearm” isn’t exactly a new concept being that there are plenty of rifles that use similar systems.  However, LWRC’s legal counsel obviously believes that Sig Sauer’s gas system on their SIG516 Patrol and Precision Marksman models, as stated in the suit, are using the exact same gas system.  It’ll be interesting on how this plays out, and we at will be sure to keep you guys posted.


Sig Sauer's 516 Patrol Rifle





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New Windham Weaponry takes over Bushmaster’s Closed Factory

Good news for former Bushmaster employees at the recently closed Windham Plant, chances are they’ll be getting their jobs back.  The former owner and founder of Bushmaster Firearms International, Richard Dyke, will be moving into the old plant, hiring back about 40 employees, and starting the assembly line again under a new company called Windham Weaponry.  Production is slated to start next month with the first shipments going out in late August/September.

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Sig P250 Subcompact with Accessory Rail

Sig Sauer’s modular pistol system’s smallest variant, the P250 Subcompact is now sporting an accessory rail.  Owners of the P250 can buy the new P250 subcompact frame with the accessory rail and just transfer over the firing assembly as illustrated in’s review of the Sig P250 2SUM.  Or, if you’ve been waiting for Sig to come out with a subcompact with a picatinny rail to attach a small tactical light, now is your chance.

The new Sig Sauer P250 subcompact with accessory rail is available in in 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 Sig.  It shares all the characteristics of its previous non railed version such as a double action only trigger, a Nitron slide finish and a polymer grip.  No word on how much the kit costs or when it’ll be available but it would be reasonable to assume it’ll be around the $300 mark as with their other P250 kits, the complete pistol costs $521 and should be hitting the gun stores soon.

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XS Big Dot Sights for Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 38 and .380

Smith and Wesson bodyguard owners have a new sighting option available  now that XS Sight Systems is offering up their 24/7 Big Dot sights for them.  The match up between the Bodyguard and the XS 24/7 Night Sights seem like a natural fit.  Shooters are buying S&W bodyguards primarily for concealed carry and personal protection and the XS Big Dot Sights are one of the best pistol sighting systems for acquiring a rapid sight picture.

The XS Big Dot is very easy to use.  Shooters have referred to aligning XS Big Dot sights as “dotting the I,” which is done exactly as it sounds.  Just align the big front dot on top of the rear sight’s “I.”  The system makes for an extremely rapid sighting system that lends itself well for a personal protection pistol.  The XS Big Dot sights for the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard costs $90 and is available in a Big Dot front sight or a standard dot front sight.

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