Rogers Super Stock

How many carbines/rifles do you see with either a Magpul stock, or a SOPMOD stock?  Almost all of them.  That’s why I always like seeing things that are different that maybe able to shake things up a little bit to spur some good ol’ fashioned American competition.  This new Roger’s Super Stock caught my eye for that reason.

At first glance the Roger’s Super Stock looks like a beefed up Magpul CTR, but not that the CTR needs much beefing up.  The Roger’s Super Stock is made out of high grade polymer and just like the Magpul CTR, it features a locking system to minimize the stock shifting, it also features an attachment point for a QD swivel sling.  Some differences would be the bottom of the stock where it looks like there are finger grooves molded in and up top there’s a loop for attaching a sling.  Also, the angle of the butt stock seems to be a little more acute than other stocks out there.  The best features that the Roger’s Super Stock offers though, has to be that it can be installed on a mil-spec or commercial spec buffer tube.

If its as durable as it is good looking, then the Roger’s Super Stock could be a great alternative to the stocks we’re used to seeing.  This new stocks sells for around $80 bucks making it an easily obtainable upgrade.  If any readers have handled the new stock, be sure to let us know how it is in the comments section below.


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30mm AK-47 Scope Mount

A new AK 47 scope mount has hit the market and it caught my eye.  There are a few  makers of scope mounts for the famous/infamous rifle, but this one has an integral 30mm ring attached to it; most others are mounts with picatinny rails, or integrated mounts that are attached to a Russian style POSP optic.  The new RS Products 30 MM AK Scope Mount attaches to AK-47s that have the scope mount on the side (most do).  It also features 1/4″ adjustment side to side to ensure you’ll be able to provide a good co-witness if you’re using a 1x zoom optic such as an Aimpoint–although it’ll be somewhat of an unconventional co-witness since the sight radius on AK-47s is quite long.

From the looks of pictures, I like the look of this new AK47 scope mount.  Most quick install AK 47 mounts  are either over the gas tube, which seems to be a bit far, or their integrated picatinny rails on a dust cover.  I would never use the dust cover mount due to the likelihood of the the base shifting, especially considering the recoil of the AK47, and that would deem the optic worthless.  The side mounted optic mount would probably be my go to choice.  There are extremely solid AK scope mounts/bases out there, but they’re usually expensive and need a gunsmith to install it.    Assuming its solid enough, and at a price of $130 it should be, the RS 30mm AK 47 Scope Mount should be a good choice for adding any 30mm optic on top of your AK/Saiga.




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Sig Sauer 1911-22


Sig Sauer has a new 1911 out which will allow 1911 lovers to shoot all day since its a .22 LR.  The 1911 is my absolute favorite handgun to shoot, but not my favorite to buy ammo for.  With .45 ACP costing around .30-.40 cents a round, having extended range sessions can be costly.

The Sig Sauer 1911-22 shares the same features that make most 1911s great.  It sports a single action only trigger with a pull of about 4-5 pounds, wood grips and a 10 round magazine capacity. has one for sale for $400, which is just slightly more than most quality .22lr 1911 conversion kits.  The best part about it  is that it has a threaded barrel.  If the Sig Sauer 1911-22 shoots half as good as the Sig Sauer 1911 TACOPS we reviewed, then it will definately be a great buy.  Check the specs below along with some pics.

(photo provided by

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What Gun Took Usama Bin Laden Down?

Normally we don’t cover current events unless that event is a new gun coming out or something else to that effect, but last night I heard the best news I’ve heard in a while:  Osama Bin Laden was dead.  This Islamic fundamentalist terrorist bastard was the whole reason I joined the military.  I’ve been out for 3 years now, but last night made me wish I was still in to share the good news with those guys I served with.

At first I thought it was definitely a drone strike that got him, but then I heard it was a firefight that concluded Usama’s long overdue demise.  So naturally that got me thinking, and I wanted to ask readers:  What gun do you think took Bin Laden out?

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