Remington .223 Recall

Another big ammo recall, this time coming from Remington for its Premier Match .223.  It seems that Remington may have improperly loaded four different lot numbers worth of its .223 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) centerfire rounds.  If you have any of this ammunition with the lot numbers listed below, it would be in your best interest to not use the ammunition and call Remington at  1-800-243-9700 Prompt #4 to get it replaced.  The affected lot numbers are:

  • H03RAI
  • H04RDI
  • H16NAI
  • H17NDI

You can read the full press release below:

Product Safety Recall Notice


Remington has determined that four (4) Lot Numbers of its .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition may have been improperly loaded. The four (4) Lot Numbers are identified above. Improper loading may cause a malfunction of the cartridge when the firearm is fired resulting in higher than normal pressures. This malfunction may result in damage to the firearm, serious personal injury or death.

Do Not Use

To identify if you have one of these Lots of ammunition:

* If you have a case of .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition the Lot Number is stenciled on the outside of the case; and,
* If you have a box of .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition the Lot Number is stamped on the inside flap of the box.

If you have any of this .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition, as identified above, immediately discontinue use of this ammunition and contact Remington at the below telephone number. Remington will arrange for the return shipment of your ammunition and upon receipt will send you replacement ammunition at no cost to you. If you are unsure whether or not you have one or more of these Lots of ammunition or if you have mixed boxes of ammunition; please immediately discontinue the use of the ammunition and contact Remington at the below telephone number – we will replace this ammunition for you.

For any consumer questions or instructions on how to return of your .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition with one of the following Lot Numbers H03RAI, H04RDI, H16NAI OR H17NDI, please contact the Remington Consumer Service Department at 1-800-243-9700 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-800-243-9700      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Prompt #4.

The only Remington .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition affected by this recall has one of the following Lot Numbers H03RAI, H04RDI, H16NAI OR H17NDI . No other Lots or ammunition is affected.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Safety First
Always observe the Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety and wear approved eye and ear protection anytime you are shooting.

March 14, 2011




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Bushmaster GameGuard Predator


Bushmaster is now going to be releasing firearms with GameGuard camouflage starting with their Predator series of AR15s.  The GameGuard camouflage pattern is designed to fit the landscapes of Texas and the Southwestern United States and has become popular with numerous hunters in those regions.

The first Bushmaster rifle to get the GameGuard treatment will be the Bushmaster Predator.  The Predator is an AR 15 chambered in a hybrid SAAMI spec (.223 or 5.56) that features a 4.5 trigger pull, 20″ fluted ChromMoly barrel with a 1:8 twist and a 5 round magazine making it legal for hunting in most States.  The Predator is specifically designed to hunt varmit or predators that can cause havoc or be dangerous on ranchers’ or farmers’ lands.

I would expect Bushmaster to come out with more rifles with the GameGaurd camo patterns, specifically their .308 Hunter and Vista Hunter rifles.  The pattern is a hit and miss with most of my hunting friends; for me personally, the picture below makes me think that AR-15 is wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt.  But if the pattern conceals the hunter, that’s all that matters.  Expect the new GameGuard Camo’d Bushmaster rifles to be in your local gun shops soon.

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New Wilson Combat CQB Light-Rail Lightweight Compact

Wilson Combat is a company that seems to listen to its customers, and a lot of their customers are cops, cops that sometimes go undercover and need a pistol that is reliable and concealable.  So they developed the Wilson Combat CQB Light-Rail Lightweight Compact (try saying that three times fast).

To shed off the pounds, Wilson Combat used an aluminum frame for their new deep concealment .45 1911 style pistol.  The CQB Light-Rail Lightweight Compact, if the name didn’t already imply, has an integral rail for attaching a tactical light.  It also sports a fiber optic battle sight, Wilson Combat’s signature G10 Starburst Grips, a 4″ stainless match grade cone barrel and a tactical thumb safety.  Also, to make it even more battle ready, the pint size 1911 features a mere 3.5″ trigger pull.

Wilson Combat brought the weight of its new pistol down to an extremely manageable 35.3 oz or just over 2 pounds.  The only thing to remind you that its even there is what you had to spend to get one, which is a whopping $2,920, and that’s only the base price.  Wilson Combat is known for customized pistols, which is exactly what they allow you to do with any purchase, so that base price could easily go even higher after adding rear slide serrations or adjustable sights.

Check out the video below to see Wilson Combat Highlight their new CQB Light-Rail Lightweight Compact.


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New Leupold Camo Finishes and Leupold VX2

Leupold is now going to be offering a new Mossy Oak camo finish to their popular VX-I and UltimateSlam 3-9x40mm scope models.  The Mossy Oak camo is applied to their popular hunting scopes with an advanced anodization process that bonds the camo pattern directly to the scope, making for one durable finish.  This will prove useful to hunters that may already own a Mossy Oak pattern rifle or shotgun letting them complete their concealment pattern on their guns.  A lot of whitetail deer hunters prefer the mossy oak pattern since they’re usually sitting up in a tree stand doing their best to stay hidden.

Along with their new Mossy Oak VX-I and UltimateSlam, Leupold will be releasing a new optic 1-5x optic called the VX2.  I don’t have too much information right now, but more will come.  From the looks of it and from the file I received, it looks to be at true 1-5x scope, which will definitely make it an instant favorite of 3 gunners provided it follows the same Leupold tradition of quality with its optics.  More to come later this week on the new Leupold VX2.


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