Happy Birthday 1911

A hundred years ago today, the 1911 was officially adopted to be the sidearm of the United States Army.  The M1911 has seen action in every single American conflict from World War I to present day operations.  John Moses Browning’s  1911 is the iconic American handgun who’s legacy will be perpetual.  Its so beloved, the state of Utah has made it their official State handgun and shooters world wide have made it their go to pistol.   So today, we should all say Happy 100th Birthday to  Browning’s legendary 1911 which started it all.


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Vicker’s Tactical Glock Side Stop

Vickers Tactical, headed by the legendary Larry Vickers, is producing what seems like a much welcomed modification for Glocks.  Vickers Tactical is now selling an extended slide release which will give Glock owners a little more real estate to manipulate the slide release; Glock’s factory slide release is notorious for being a little too slim to easily function, especially under stress.

The VTSS (Vickers Tactical Slide Stop) was specifically designed to ease the function of the slide release while operating it with gloves on.  Its constructed out of  4130 chome moly steel giving it durability and longevity.  The VTSS will fit on almost all glocks (17, 17l, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 34) and costs only $20.  It is not a drop in replacement though, Vickers Tactical suggest you let a certified Glock Armorer or professional gunsmith do the installation for you. Given the popularity of Vickers Tactical’s other Glock accessory, the extended mag catch, I have no doubts the slide stop will be another must have Glock accessory.



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UTS-15 Shotgun

UTS-15 Review

Turkish shotgun maker UTAS, who has been importing shotguns into the US market quite a bit the last few years, are going to be producing the UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun.  This behemoth pump action shotgun shares quite a few features of the Kel-Tec KSG bullpup shotgun, with some added extras.

The UTS-15 is a dual magazine pump action shotgun which has a total capacity of 14+1 similar to the Kel-Tec KSG.  The UTS-15‘s magazine tubes differ from the KSG by having a selector switch that no only allows just to switch over from tube to tube, but can be switched to have the UTS-15 automatically alternate between tutbes.  Also, the UTS-15 features a shell counter along the top giving an operator an exact round count.

A picatinny rail runs a long the entire top of the UTS-15 which hosts the iron sights and allowing a choice  optics to be placed; the body of this tactical shotgun is made from carbon fiber cutting the weight down significantly.  Built into the lower receiver is a button operated laser and light, furthering the tactical pitch of the UTS-15.   Despite its appearance, the UTS-15 has an overall length of 27″ and weighs only 7.2 lbs (assuming that’s unloaded).

Due to the recent ATF ban on importing shotguns, and assuming the UTS-15 wouldn’t be considered as a “sporting” shotgun (I still consider 3 gunning a sport, but I digress), UTAS will be producing the UTS-15 in the United States for sale.  It looks like later this year will be a battle of the bullpup shotguns.  Although the bullpup shotgun has been around for a while, its never been placed in a wide market or produced on a large scale for civilian use.  Its going to be interesting to see this relatively new genre of pump action shotgun hit the scene.  I don’t have a price on the UTS-15, but given the amount of features and materials used, I would put the price around the 1k mark, give or take a couple hundred.

(Hat tip and special thanks for the pictures to TheFirearmBlog.com)

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Aramalite and Impact Training Center

ArmaLite, the company that brought us the famous AR rifles, and Impact Training, an industry leader in firearms training, are teaming together to bring shooters a new venue to hone in on their skills.  The Armalite and Impact Training center is a 120 acre facility in Northwest Illinois consisting of over 10 ranges and shoot houses giving a wide scope for different firearm training programs.

The training facility hosts four 50 yard pistol/carbine ranges, one 100 yard pistol/carbine range, one 600 yard known distance range, one fully ballistic live-fire shoothouse, a repelling tower and a dismounted shooting course.  The Armalite/Impact training facility will offer a wide range of courses available to the public as well as courses that will be closed to Military or Law enforcement only.

As a shooter, one will also hit plateaus with there ability, and training is the only way to truly advance your ability.  While watching DVDs, reading the blogs and forums, and practicing drills may help you improve, they’re still no substitute for live training with experienced professionals.  I would  love to attend some classes at this new sprawling facility; however, since I’m not law enforcement or military, I would probably have to use a loaner, since my carbine and pistols wouldn’t be considered legal in Illinois (I’m assuming).  Either way, the facilities look great and if you have a chance to attend, it would probably be worth your while.

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Magpul Dynamics Precision Rifle Courses

To go along with their up coming Precision Rifle DVD, Magpul Dynamics is now going to offer Precision Rifle courses headed by former US Marine Corps Scout/Sniper instructor, Caylen Wojcik.  One would be wise to sign up for these classes as soon as possible considering that most of Magpul’s classes seem to fill up immediately and I would expect this new course to do the same.

There will be a total of 3 different Precision Rifle courses offered by Magpul.  Precision Rifle 1 will take aspiring or experienced long range shooters through the fundalmentals of long range shooting and as expected, Precision Rifle 2 will  build upon that foundation to go into more advanced concepts.  The last course offered is a DMR/SPR Course which will help shooters learn how to effectively manipulate special purpose rifles such as SASS (semi auto sniper systesms) and will focus on target engagement out to 600 yards.  Listed below is a breakdown of the classes:

Precision Rifle 1

  • Precision Weapon System Nomenclature
  • Weapon Set-Up and Accessories
  • Telescopic Sight Theory and Operation
  • Angular Units of Measure
  • Fundamentals of Precision Rifle Marksmanship
  • Weapon and Optic Manipulation
  • Precision Weapons Maintenance
  • Recording and Analyzing Data
  • External Ballistics and PDA Ballistic Software Systems
  • Range Estimation Techniques
  • Effects of Weather, Wind and Mirage
  • Unsupported/Unusual Shooting Positions
  • Multiple Target Engagements
  • Target Engagements from 100 to 1100 yards

Precision Rifle 2

  • Internal and External Ballistics
  • Advanced features of Ballistic PDA Programs
  • Optic Theory and Techniques of Operations
  • Maximum Point Blank Theory
  • Holds for Elevation and Wind
  • Precision Weapon Manipulation
  • Sling, Unsupported, Unusual Shooting Positions
  • Limited Exposure Multiple Target Engagement
  • Self-Shot Observation
  • Stress Shooting
  • Target Engagements from 15 to 1100 yards.

Special Purpose Rifle / Designated Marksman Rifle

  • SPR/DMR Weapon System Nomenclature
  • Weapon Set-Up and Accessories
  • Basic Telescopic Sight Theory and Operation
  • Basic Angular Units of Measure
  • Fundamentals of Precision Rifle Marksmanship
  • Weapon and Optic Manipulation
  • Basic External Ballistics
  • Range Estimation Techniques
  • Effects of Weather and Wind
  • Unsupported/Unusual Shooting Positions
  • Threat acquisition and ID
  • Introduction to Multiple Target Engagements
  • Target Engagements from 100 to 600 yard

To see a class schedule or to sign up for a class, check out Magpul Dynamics.

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