New OPMOD (Optics Planet Modification) Products

Optics Planet is launching a new limited edition line of products named OPMOD (Optics Planet Modification).  The most notable product would have to be the new OPMOD EoTech EXPS.  This new limited edition from Optics Planet has all the same features of the regular EXPS such as a quick throw lever, optimized height for 1/3 cowitness, and a shorter profile.  What sets the OPMOD EoTech EXPS apart from other EPXS is the obvious OPMOD logo on the side, but more importantly, the price.  The OPMOD EoTech EXPS is only $495 dollars plus free shipping which is about 100 dollars less than anywhere else.  I got a chance to use the EXPS at SHOT this year and it was a blast to use.  The OPMOD EXPS will come in two flavors, the typical 65 MOA circle with a 1 MOA dot, or two 1 MOA dots.


The other OPMOD product out is a special Optics Planet double rifle bag.  Again, the most desired feature of this bag is its low price at $80.  The new bag is PVC coated, features MOLLE webbing on the inside and has a couple large  pockets to help store those ever increasing range accessories shooters seem to stack up.  The new bag is advertised as a shooters mat, drag bag, and double rifle case.  I suppose if the bag is fully opened one could use it as a shooters mat, although there’s no pics on Optics Planet depicting this.

The OPMOD bag seems like a solid product for the price.  I have some reservations about the “double rifle” capacity considering the rifles aren’t separated by foam or an insert like other double rifle bags and that could lead to my expensive carbines/rifles rubbing up against each other even though they’re straps to hold the rifle down.  However, for the price it doesn’t seem like a bad deal.  The bags come in black or desert tan and are available only at

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Crimson Trace Laserguards for P238

The new concealed carry movement has pushed sales of super-micro-sub-compact pistols which have been the best selling firearms for the last 2 years.  Crimson Trace has been making a new line of laser sights for these palm sized pistols called Laserguard, and the newest addition to that line is the Laserguard for the Sig Sauer P238.  Since many of these concealed carry movement gun owners are first time gun owners, and owning a gun only for protection, a reliable laser sight could serve as a great accessory for their new size-doesn’t-matter pistol.

One thing is for sure about laser sights, they are intimidating.  Nothing works faster than a laxative like having your forehead painted with a laser attached to the business end of a firearm.  The new Laserguard laser sights from Crimson Trace could serve this new community of shooters rather well; it’ll dramatically increase their accuracy being that they haven’t been shooting for years, and it’ll give them more confidence to carry.  However, no matter how many do-dads you’ve put on  your firearm, nothing will increase accuracy like mastering the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Personally, I find lasers to be somewhat distracting–that laser bouncing up almost takes away too much of my concentration from the sight picture and I find that using standard iron sights on a pistol is just faster for me.

Anyway, the new Crimson Trace P238 Laserguard seems like a top notch laser sight being that the dot size is a mere .5″ at 50 feet and it’s a 633nm class IIIa laser–which is the maximum output allowable by federal law for civilian lasers.  The laser is activated as soon as you grab the pistol by a pressure pad on directly underneath the trigger guard on the grip. The Laserguard is adjustable both windage and elevation and comes with a 3 year warranty.

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US Optics SN-4S Review

SN-4S on SCAR 17s


The 1-4x optic is an optic that is gaining popularity in both tactical applications and competitive venues.  From CQB to medium range engagements, the 1-4x optic is extremely versatile for tactical applications. For 3-gun competitions it provides the competitor a quick option for both his/her close targets to ones out to 400 yards.

With all the hype around Nightforce and Trijicon, I feel that US Optics is sometimes left behind in the quality optics discussion.  US Optics has had contracts with the USMC and many law enforcement agencies, so most hardcore shooters and long range forum regulars know about them—I feel their recognition is far less for Joe the average shooter even though the typical range warrior will know about Trijicon or Nightforce whose prices are similar.

Although I’ve shot with Trijicon’s Accupoint 1.5-4 (I haven’t had a chance yet to try out their newer true 1-4), and I’ve had some experience with Nightforce’s NXS 1-4, I’ve never had the pleasure of shooting with a US Optics scope.   So when Jeff Fertal at US Optics offered us a SN-4S to review, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve only seen their scopes on display, and I was thoroughly pleased with my initial impressions, so finally getting to shoot with one for a couple of months was a real treat.  After using the US Optics (USO for short) SN-4S on an AR-15, Bushmaster ACR, and a FNH SCAR-H, I’m finally ready to give readers my feedback and introduce them to a quality 1-4x optic that I think has been overlooked by many shooters out there.                                                  click read more to continue the review

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