AR in .338 Lapua… Introducing the Bad News

Bad News .338

Ironically, the Bad News is very good news.  The Bad News is what the Noreen’s have dubbed their new .338 Lapua Semi Auto Rifle, and basically its a finely machined semi automatic .338 Lapua built upon a piston driven AR platform.  Its weighs in at a mere 13 pounds, which is impressive for a .338 with a 26 inch barrel; however I would have to assume that is the weight when not loaded.

Two options are available for the “Bad News,” the standard which comes in at $4,995 or you can add a NightForce 3.5-15 scope for $6,995, which may seem like a lot, but one needs to consider that Noreen backs its rifles for life. The Noreen Bad News also sports a PRS stock, and can take a 5 or 10 round magazine.

Here is what Noreen says about their new Semi Auto .338, some specs, and a few videos:

The innovative Noreen Bad News .338 Lapua ULR provides tactical marksmen with the performance of a powerful and proven long range cartridge with the numerous advantages of the venerable AR platform.
Weighing just 13 pounds, the Bad News .338 Lapua ULR is light enough and portable enough to serve as a patrol rifle, yet it vastly outperforms comparable bolt-action sniper rifles. The rifle’s custom muzzle brake and semi-automatic action significantly suppress recoil. With no bolt to manually work, the smooth action semi-automatic action allows the shooter to keep his head in the scope and his eye on the target for rapid, accurate follow-up shots.

In the AR tradition, the Bad News .338 Lapua ULR disassembles quickly for easy cleaning, then reassembles with no loss of zero. The familiar fit and feel of a conventional AR rifle makes the transition to the more powerful sniper rifle virtually seamless. The Noreen Bad News .338 Lapua Ultra Long Range Rifle includes a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship as long as you own it.

Bad News AR15


  • Piston-driven semi-automatic action
  • Effective to 1500 yards
  • Accurate, powerful .338 Lapua round
  • Modest recoil
  • Weighs just 13 pounds
  • Receiver is machined from a billet of 6061 T6 aluminum
  • MIL spec or adjustable trigger
  • 26” barrel (1 in 10” twist)
  • One-Piece bolt Carrier Made from 8620 Steel
  • Custom muzzle brake
  • Full-Length picatinny rail on receiver 5 or 10 round magazine
    accepts 300 gr bullets
  • 4 full-length, integral Picatinny rails on handguard Magpul PRS Adjustable Stock
    Hard Case

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New SureFire High Capcacity Magazines

SureFire 60 round mag

SureFire is starting to expand into the realm of M4 magazines now by introducing their new HCMs (high capacity magazine).  They’ll be available in a 60 and 100 round flavors sometime after Shot Show next year.  The SureFire HCM utilizes a quad stack configuration which I would assume would be quite similar to Magpul’s quad stack magazine they’ll be coming out with soon.

SureFire has a development  philosophy that they don’t build to a price point but rather a point for the best quality and performance they can–and everything I’ve ever seen come out of SureFire has displayed this philosophy.  The SureFire HCMs will cost $129 for the 60 round model (MAG5-60 HCM), and $179 for the 100 round model (MAG5-100 HCM).  Although the price may be a little bit more expensive than what the average monthly shooter might want to dish out for a magazine, I could still see many shooters purchasing a few.  I”m sure the more avid shooters out there can’t wait to get their hands on them including 3-gun competitors.  And assuming SureFire has practiced  its rigorous quality control measures, I’m sure the price is in line with its quality and performance.

SureFire 60 Round Magazine

SureFire MAG6-60 HCM

Below you can check out some info received from SureFire regarding their new HCMs.  You can also check out DefenseReview’s full article on the HCM here.

“In the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a soldier’s ability to respond to an attack with overwhelming force is critical. Ambushes are commonplace and the outcome of the ambush is often determined in the first 30 seconds. Firepower and the ability to stay in the fight are key.

SureFire’s High Capacity Magazines are designed to provide the war fighter with 60 or 100 rounds of ammunition in a single magazine, thereby decreasing the number of reloads a soldier must perform and increasing the number of rounds available to a soldier to engage threat targets.

In battle, it takes the average soldier 4 seconds to reload their weapon and reacquire a target; time that could be spent engaging threat targets. At best, 30-round magazines allow an individual soldier to fire no more than 150 rounds in 30 seconds.*

SureFire’s 60-Round Magazine increases that figure to 240 rounds. And its 100-Round Magazine: 293 rounds. This magazine is also meant to increase the effectiveness of group that intends to give full-auto firepower to their operators. Estimated MSRP is $129 for the 60-round and $179 for the 100-round.

Do I have to download my magazine to seat it in the weapon with the bolt closed?
A. No. SureFire HCMs will fit into the host weapon with the bolt closed when loaded with the maximum round count. The design of the magazine takes into account the allowable tolerances of cartridges manufactured to NATO and SAAMI specifications.

Q. Will my 60 round magazine fit into my nylon gear for 30 round magazines?
A. The SureFire MAG5-60 will fit into most nylon pouches with Velcro cover flaps intended for two 30 round magazines. Double magazine pouches with stitched partitions may require alteration.

Q. Will SureFire be offering nylon pouches for these magazines?
A. Yes. Product specifics and pricing is still to be determined.

Q. Can SureFire HCM’s be disassembled for cleaning?
A. Yes, the SureFire HCMs can be disassembled for periodic cleaning or as required. A punch, the tip of a cartridge or common tool can be used to remove the floor plate from the magazine body.

Q. What dealers will have access to HCM’s?
A. Authorized SureFire dealers in states with no high capacity regulations. Rules and processes are being developed for dealers located in states with regulations (CA, HI, IL, MD, MA, NY, OH, DC).”

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Sig Sauer P250 2SUM Review

P250 2Sum Pack

Many avid shooters have multiple pistols; one for home defense, one for concealed carry, and/or maybe another one they only really use at the range.  When making a pistol purchase, many gun owners (or potential gun owners), will justify the purchase of a new pistol for a specific role like the ones mentioned above.  I fall into this category as well; before purchasing a pistol I’ll usually say to myself, “this will be a great concealed carry weapon,” or “this will be a suitable range/home defense gun.”  Well, what if you could make one purchase to fulfill both roles?

Sig Sauer may have successfully provided an answer to that question by introducing the Sig Sauer P250 2SUM.  The P250 2SUM uses one fire control assembly that can be transferred to any pistol in the Sig Sauer P250 lineup.  The P250 2SUM package itself comes with a full size and sub compact frame with one fire control assembly; allowing the owner to switch between the two frame sizes to suit their handgun’s purpose.  I’ve had the Sig Sauer P250 2SUM for about a month now, and a couple of kits for caliber conversions—as an owner of multiple pistols for different purposes, I was curious about what the P250 2SUM had to offer, and I’m ready to tell readers if the package deal from Sig Sauer lives up to the hype.

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New Magpul RSA now shipping

Magpul Rail Sling Attachment

Magpul has another accessory for your AR15 or carbine, the Magpul RSA (Rail Sling Attachment).  Its exactly what the acronym would suggest, it allow someone to place an attachment point for their slings such as the Magpul MS2, or any other sling one may have.  It only weights 1.3 ounces and has been stress tested to withstand over 300 pounds according to Magpul.  Cost is a reasonable 30 bucks and the given the excellent quality of Magpul’s previous products I have no doubts this simple accessory should hold up.

I believe its a nice alternative to other sling attachment points out on the market.  Also, if your rail system or forward hand guards don’t have a swivel sling attachment points like some do, the Magpul RSA will provide a quick and easy option for adding a forward sling attachment point.

Magpul Rail Sling Attachment

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