Knights Armament M110 going to the Marines

M110 SASS Sniper Rifle Review

The USMC has decided to go ahead and put in theater Knight’s Armament M110 SASS.  The post was placed on Knight’s Armament’s Facebook page with a link to a post by Knights Armament on the popular SnipersHide forums.

The Knight’s Armament is the king of 7.62 SASSes in my opinion (with a price tag to match).  It’ll enable our Marines to engage multiple targets rapidly out to 800 meters–which is basically most of the firefights that are taking place in theaters like Afghanistan.  The M110 will be replacing the M-14s currently in service; more specifically, the M39 EBR and the MK11 MOD 1.

Well it looks like the impromptu October AR-10 month spilled over into November a little bit with this news.  I’m a big fan of the AR-10 and although I was never a Marine, I would imagine that this will be a welcomed addition.  I’ve shot the MK11 MOD 1 and I know I would prefer a Knights Armament over it; mainly because of the magazine changes, I’ve always disliked having to “rock” a magazine in.  Also, from what I’ve heard, the gas piston system on the M110 is second to none as far as reliability. Not to mention a .5 MOA out of a SASS is a remarkable feat, and it should serve our Marines well over there.

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