Magpul Dynamics Art of the Dynamic Shotgun Review

Travis Haley and Chris Costa


Magpul Dynamics has become the industry leader for firearm instructional videos.  Travis Haley (CEO) and Chris Costa (President) have become celebrities due to their widely popular “Art of…” video series.  Magpul Dynamics’ approach to firearm instruction is as innovative as their sister company’s Magpul Industry’s products.  The harmony of both companies’ innovation and quality have made them a leader in the firearm industry–and in turn, Magpul Dynamics’ videos can almost always be found in any serious shooter’s video collection.

Magpul Dynamics’ ”Art of…”  video series started out with “Art of the Tactical Carbine,” following that up with “Art of the Tactical Carbine II” for a more advanced approach to carbine manipulation techniques and tactics.  Shortly after, Magpul Dynamics produced “Art of the Dynamic Handgun,” which was consistent with all the aspects that made the previous videos, for a lack of a better term, completely awesome.

Well, everyone anticipated that Travis and Chris would produce another film for another common weapon system, the shotgun; and they did.  We’ve watched (and watched, and watched) their latest video, “Art of the Dynamic Shotgun,” and Travis Haley and Chris Costa have done it again—covering the shotgun from a multitude of angles, teaching a variety of innovative techniques, with a top notch production team and a wide range of shooters.

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Sig Sauer SIG556 7.62 x 39 Rifle

New Sig556 7.62 ReviewSIG556 7.62
We just received word from Burgess Marketing that the Sig Sauer SIG556 chambered in 7.62 x 39 is indeed in the works and coming.  Word is that it will come standard with a rail system for optics and such which is good news as the current SIG556 lacks that.  The SIG556 7.62 will feature an AK-47 bolt supporting AK047 magazines.

Expect a few variations coming shortly after release but the standard offering will come with a 16″ barrel.  The new SIG556 7.62 will not be an AR based design and like the current SIG556 is based on the swiss 550/551 so expect it to be similar except for the rail system, bolt, and receiver.  This should be an excellent alternative to the Robinson Arms XCR 7.62 and my guess is a more refined and reliable weapon.

SIG556 7.62x39 New Rifle ReviewSigSauerGuns is reporting that the SIG556 in 7.62 will have an MSRP hovering in the 1500 – 1700 range. will have images later this month and keep you posted as more information arrives.  The images in this post are just speculative at this point showing a SIG556 with a rail system. The Sig556 7.62 x 39 should have a similar style to it.

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Remington’s Response to CNBC’s Remington 700 Story

A few weeks ago, CNBC did a special called “Remington Under Fire;” which was about an alleged safety flaw with America’s most popular rifle, the Remington 700.  The premise of the story is that for years Remington knew about a deadly trigger flaw with the Remington 700.  Well, Remington has created a full rebuttal which is really hard to argue against.

I happened to watch the CNBC special the night it was released, and during the whole story I kept thinking that every one of the accidents they described could of been prevented by simply following the 10  commandments of gun safety.

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Revision Sawfly Eyewear Released

Revision Eye Wear Reviews

Revision, leading developer of protective eyewear for military and law enforcement forces worldwide, introduces the completely redesigned Sawfly Military Eyewear System. The new Sawfly Eyewear features a redesigned frame, Comms Compatible arms, new Comfort Nosepiece, an extended lens and new retention system. The result is a superior eye protection product that provides optimal comfort, fit and gear compatibility without compromising ballistic performance, optics or durability.

Revision sawfly sunglasses

The system’s multiple changes provide significant end-user gains; the Sawfly Eyewear’s redesigned frame not only features an aggressive new look but it facilitates lens changing with the new quick-change lens system. New Comms Compatible arms are leaner and longer for the utmost comfort, equipment compatibility and retention; their overmolded undercarriage provides shock absorption and grip while their thinner profile ensures that hearing protection works as designed.

The eyewear’s new Comfort Nosepiece has been reengineered for enhanced comfort, retention and durability; it features a softer durometer nosepad which provides added grip and cushioning. The Sawfly’s new extended lens provides greater lateral lens coverage for full side-impact protection—without compromising airflow and anti-fog performance. Finally, the system’s new Secure-Snap retention band clips firmly into the frame, keeping eyewear in place, even during high activity missions.

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