New Remington RGP

Remington’s military division is producing a new upper receiver group called the RGP.  At first glance I notice the same modular handguards that are featured on the Remington ACR which allow for 5 different rail positions at various lengths, and also provides wire routing internally for accessories.  The RGP also has a piston gas system, and an AAC blackout flash hider.

I personally like that they used the same handguards as the Remington ACR.  They stand out quite a bit over the standard quad rail handgaurds we see on most M4/AR-15 builds.  I hope Remington will release these to the civies, maybe in a 16″ version since the version shown above is a 14.5″.  Either way, it looks like a solid upgrade to the DoD’s existing inventory of M4 style rifles, and I hope to see them come over to the civilian market–or at least the hanguards.

Remington SBR Upper

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Barrett MRAD

Barrett MRAD Picture

Firearms has a new adaptive rifle called the MRAD (Multi Role Adaptive Design) rifle; which is due out sometime next year in 2011.  Using Barrett‘s past rifles as a precedent, and judging by the video below, the MRAD should be nothing short of outstanding.  Keeping the trend of the 21st century firearms, the main feature is its modularity–a rapid change between calibers to suit mission specific needs.

The MRAD can quickly change from .338 Lapua, to a .308/7.62×51 NATO, or a .300 win mag with nothing more than removing the bolt and a few screws–making the quick conversation easier in the field (or at the range).  Along with its caliber modularity, everything on the Barrett MRAD can be adjusted to suit the user’s specific needs.  From picatinny rail placement, to a stock that adjusts length of pull and height, the MRAD pretty must adapts to the user’s exactly specs.  Also, the drop in trigger is also adjustable.

At first glance, and given Barrett‘s history of great rifles, I would be willing to bet Barrett will have another winner on  its hands.  From the video it looks extremely simple to adjust/switch out everything and even maintain it with its drop-in/modular components. I don’t know what the MSRP is going to be yet, but I would not hesitate to put it around $5,000-$6,000  for the .338 Lapua when its released (I hope I’m over bidding a bit).  It would be nice if the Barrett MRAD came standard with that Atlas bi-pod.  Pricing should be available probably around Shot Show next year.  Check out a few of the features and specs and video:

  • Bolt guide acts as a dust cover to reduce contaminants
  • Accepts standard M4/M16 pistol grips
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Front-loading barrel design for caliber interchangeability
  • Single button for length of pull adjustment
  • Combat-proof trigger module removable without tools
  • Folding stock provides compact mobility

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A-TACS ACU by Propper Announced

Propper International™ and Digital Concealment Systems are proud to announce the Spring 2011 launch of the new A-TACS® ACU.

A-TACS represents a radical step forward in the science of concealment technology. The patented A-TACS process replaces digital square pixels with small organically shaped pixels, removing all 90-degree angles to create a more natural appearance. Additionally, the organic pixels are segmented into larger groupings organized within the pattern, creating a unique “pattern within a pattern” concept that enables A-TACS to conceal the operator more effectively at greater distances than previously possible. The pattern also features a greater range of inter-mingled natural colors for enhanced concealment. The base color is a neutral tan, designed to blend effortlessly in open, rocky or arid environments.

Where to Buy ATACS ACU Proper Uniform?

“Propper is honored to be a part of such a groundbreaking development in military and law enforcement concealment,” said John Asaro, VP Marketing for Propper International. “We are dedicated to providing the best possible apparel to the soldiers and officers who serve our country, and our partnership with A-TACS solidifies that effort.”

The Propper A-TACS ACU is sewn to military specifications and made from 65/35 poly/cotton ripstop fabric for maximum durability.

The A-TACS ACU is among the most anticipated A-TACS products launching worldwide and will serve as the core component of the product line, which includes boots from Danner®, packs and nylon kit from Tactical Assault Gear™, single or dual point gun slings from Blue Force Gear™, and weapons and optics systems from Remington®, Bushmaster® and Bushnell®. This broad collection of introductory products represents the first full head-to-toe concealment system offering to tactical professionals in the U.S.

Propper will advance the A-TACS product line with boonie hats and combat shirts. These items will be available for purchase from Propper authorized dealers.

For more information, visit

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Daniel Defense’s Larry Vickers M4 and Instructional Videos

Daniel Defense Larry Vickers M4 Review

Larry Vickers Daniel Defense Limited M4 ReviewLarry Vickers and Daniel Defense are teaming up for a few projects.  Larry Vickers is a superstar in the firearms industry due to his 20 years of US Special Forces experience combined with his pistol smithing, and TV show hosting along with a wide range of personally designed products.

It seems only nature that an authoritative firearms knowledge  source like Larry Vickers would team up with a firearms industry leader, Daniel Defense, to take on a couple of projects.

One of those projects will be the Larry Vickers Signature Series M4 produced by Daniel Defense.  Only 250 will be produced, so it will probably be as rare as it will be awesome.  Its the exact same configuration that Larry Vickers runs with his carbine classes.  Here are some of the features the decked out M4 will have on it:

  • Daniel Defense M4A1 FSP RIS II
  • Daniel Defense 16″ Lightweight Carbine CHF Barrel
  • Daniel Defense Rail Mount QD Swivel Attachment Point
  • Surefire Flash Suppressor
  • Surefire X300 Flashlight
  • Daniel Defense ConVert Grip™ in Flat Dark Earth
  • Aimpoint Micro T-1 aiming system
  • Daniel Defense Aimpoint Micro Mount
  • Daniel Defense A1.5 Fixed Rear Sight
  • Magpul MIAD Pistol Grip
  • Magpul MOE® Trigger Guard
  • BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle w/ Mod 5 (Small) Latch
  • Daniel Defense Rear Receiver QD Swivel Attachment Point
  • VLTOR IMod  Buttstock
  • Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling™

The other noteworthy project that the two will be teaming up on is instructional videos.  Larry Vickers and Daniel Defense will be producing a Carbine I and Carbine II class that are due out very shortly.  Its going to be interesting to see another firearms powerhouse combo producing instructional videos after Magpul Dynamics has quite a popular library already built up.

I’m glad to see some good ol’ fashioned American corporate competition with the good ol’ fashioned American past time, shooting–I believe we, the firearm enthusiast community, will be the ones to ultimately benefit, and I can’t wait to see what Larry Vickers and Daniel Defense have to offer.

Check out the video below of Larry Vickers announcing the two projects:

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Happy Birthday USMC!

For 235 years, since 1775,  the United States Marine Corps have been the epitome of military greatness and is arguably the most feared fighting force in the world–and for good reason.  Every single major American conflict has involved the United States Marine Corps, and every single victory can be directly attributed to their valor, courage, and sacrifice.

We at Gunblog would like to send a big ol’ Happy Birthday to the oldest American military force.  We thank all Marines who have served and are currently serving today.

Semper Fidelis!!!

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