New Ruger SR40 Pistol

New SR40 Ruger Pistol ReviewRuger SR40 Pistol
All New 2010 Ruger SR40 was released monday in limited numbers  to gun dealers across the nation.  The official release date is Friday October 7th.  The new SR40 is based closely on the SR9 and sharing many of its same features. The SR40 is a Semi-Automatic Pistol finished in brushed stainless and black polymer frame grip.

It comes in with a three dot sight and a barrel twist of 1 in 16.  The overall length of the SR40 is 7.55″ at 27.25 oz empty. The SR40 also features a 3470 accessory rail and a magazine capacity of 15+1 and sold with 2 in the box. has a brand new SR40 on the way and a review will be posted this monday with high resolution images and a video review to follow next week.  Stay tuned!

New SR40 Pistol by Ruger Review

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ISSC M22 Pistol Review

ISSC M22 Reviews

If one thing is constant in shooting these days, it’s that ammo isn’t getting any cheaper. In just the last few years we seen prices for almost all calibers rise substantially, so a lot of us have turned to using the .22 lr for a cheap alternative for allowing us to practice the fundamentals of shooting at a cheaper price. A lot of gun manufacturers have taken notice to this trend and have started to produce a lot of popular firearms in .22lr. Sig has made the mosquito which mimics their popular handguns and they’ve also made the 522 which pretty much is a .22 lr replica of their popular 556 rifle. Kimber makes a .22 lr kit that will fit most 1911s, Smith and Wesson makes a .22lr AR-15, and the list goes on and on.

Well one company has taken notice that one of the most popular handguns in the world, Glock, does not have a .22 lr version (although other companies supply conversion kits), so people over at ISSC made the M22. Interestingly enough, the same person who created the barrels for the ISSC M22 was also responsible for the barrels on the popular Whalter P22. So, I was excited to get my hands on the ISSC M22 since I do own a few Glocks, and I would be able to train on a platform with almost identical ergonomics for a much cheaper price. While at first glance people would be right to say this is a Glock trainer, but there are some key differences ( other than simple mechanics) with the ISSC M22 and a Glock that make them a world apart, and ultimately led to some very disappointing findings.

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Bushmaster ACR Special Purpose Rifle

Bushmaster ACR Special Purpose RifleLast week reported the first official images of the Bushmaster ACR in A-TACS Camo,  This week we found something interesting in the new Bushmaster Catalog.  It’s called the ACR Special Purpose Carbine.  Are these new classifications strictly for law enforcement?  Normally I would suspect that to be the case but they do not fall under law enforcement in the catalog.

The new catalog list’s the Basic Configuration as well as the Enhanced version but also shows two new models one called the Bushmaster ACR Patrol and the one shown above the ACR Special Purpose.  As far as we can tell the only difference is the 14 1/2″ barrel.

Fingers are still crossed that we will see the 6.8 Rem SPC bolt & barrel swap along with the 10.5″ SBR parts available before the end of the year.

Any insiders with knowledge please chime in…

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