Sig P290 Sub Compact


Sig Sauer with a new pistol next year, the Sig P290 Sub-compact pistol.  The Sig P290 Sub-compact is available in 9mm, but I suspect shortly after it’s release it’ll be available in .40 s&w.  Its only Double Action only, 5″ long, and weighs only  20.5 oz (without the magazine).  The Sig P290 Sub-compact will have a stainless slide, which will have either a Nitron or natural stainless finish, and a polymer frame.

You can see from the pictures it’ll also feature SIGLITE night sites, and a laser that will be offered by Sig Sauer that can be purchased to have mounted under the muzzle.  I don’t really see a picatinny rail so it looks like there’s no place for a tactical light (but there would be really no need for one on a pocket pistol)

Sig P290 Reviews

I think Sig will have a big winner.  There’s been an explosion of sales for sub compact and pocket pistols.  Kel Tec has been selling quite a few and the Ruger LCP has been getting rave reviews and sales to match.  Smaller hand guns have been the biggest catagory of handgun sales for the last 10 years, and I think the Sig P290 will keep that trend going provided that it’s consistent with the rest of Sig’s excellent line of handguns.

( from the Sig Sauer website ) THE P290 SUB-COMPACT 9MM, is our newest and most innovative and versatile polymer pistol. Designed to be the ultimate in conceal carry. This unique 9mm pistol is the perfect small defense handgun that meets the demands of today’s law enforcement professionals as a backup duty gun, and responsible citizens as a conceal carry gun. The removable grip plates allow for customization with aluminum, wood, and polymer and can be engraved with your initials for a true customized pistol.  Also available in two tone.

Sig Sauer P290 Price

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Ford SVT Raptor at SEMA 2010

The official Ford SVT Raptor sponsored by Borla Exhaust will be making an appearance at the SEMA 2010 auto show.  You guy’s are the first to see it and if you wish to swing by and check it out in person it will be at the Borla Exhaust Tent.  The first person that can name the origin of the outlaw decal on the truck in the comment section of this blog post will get a free GunBlog T Shirt shipped to their door.

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Bushmaster .308 ORC Review

Bushmaster .308 ORC Carbine Review


The AR is America’s favorite carbine; the AR might as well stand for America’s Rifle.  Every time I go to the range, I’m seeing more and more shooters trying out their newly purchased AR.  Decking them out head to toe with optics, lights, grips and whatever else they can fit on the rails, whether if it’s practical or just tacti-cool—the AR is the carbine platform of choice for shooters across the country.  With the continuous popularity of this carbine, we’re seeing an endless variety of accessories, and even a vast selection of versions of the AR platform itself.

Well what about those who want a little more UMPH, or a little bit of a longer reach than what the .223/5.56 NATO in the standard AR-15 is able to deliver?  While keeping the classic profile of the AR-15, Bushmaster has released a .308 version of their popular ORC (Optics Ready Carbine) specifically for those wanting that longer reach and that more powerful punch.

New ORC .308 by Bushmaster

I realize our contributor Josh Silverman did an excellent and thorough review on the DPMS .308 A4 (and almost everything said in that article could be said about DPMS’s sister company’s Bushmaster .308 ORC.  I know it seems that October is quickly turning into AR-10 month at, but we feel the Bushmaster ORC deserves its own review considering the are a lot of AR-10 shooters that were anticipating Bushmaster releasing the ORC in .308.  I was excited to get this entry level AR-10 expecting it was going to be a good starter .308 rifle, and after doing the review, I’m more anxious to develop/upgrade it to become a superb and more personalized rifle.

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New LaRue RISR

Larue RISR for Magpul CTR

LaRue Tactical is coming out with a new cheek rest for Magpul CTR and MOE stocks.  Unlike other collapsible stock cheek rest risers, the Larue RISR (Reciprocating Inline Stock Riser) does not interfere with the charging handles as other cheek risers do.  This could significantly help shooters that need a higher cheek weld in order to get the sight picture they desire.

Magpul’s cheek risers seemed to get in a way of the charging handle when the stock was not extended all the way, so LaRue’s alternative may be the best solution for shooters needing this lift.  Installation claims to be easy, and by the looks of it, I find no reason to think otherwise.  I’ll have to wait to get my hands on one, but it looks like the stock may still have to be extended may 1 or 2 clicks in order to operate the charging handle, but if it doesn’t, that will make the LaRue RISR even better.

larue RISR

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Magpul B.A.D. Review

AR 15 with Eotech ACS BAD AFG

For all the accessories I’ve put on my AR,  no accessory has garnered more attention than the Magpul B.A.D. I know the Magpul B.A.D. has been out for a while (I got mine over a year ago), but hands down, it’s my favorite AR-15 accessory I’ve experienced to date.  Every time I’m at the range, someone has to ask what it is, or has heard of it and wants to try it out–everyone seems to have the same reaction, “I’ve gotta get one of these…”

Magpul’s B.A.D. stands for Battery Assist Device, and it basically allows a user to manipulate the AR-15 bolt catch and release from their firing hand while still maintaining the original operation of the bolt catch.  It’s probably the easiest modification anyone can do to an AR, and simultaneously the biggest improvement to the weapon system.

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