Review: Demon Tactical Comp Brake

Demon Tactical Muzzle Break Reviews

Muzzle Brakes and Flash Hiders are one of the most commonly changed out accessories to rifles.  They serve a specific purpose to the function of the rifle–whether it is to compensate for the muzzle lift and recoil by directing gas in a counter balancing direction, or for reducing the visual signature while firing the weapon by eliminating the flash.  Some muzzle brakes/flash hiders do a small combination of both.  Well, Demon Tactical sent us their Demon Tactical Comp Brake to try out on my AR-15—we’ve shot a boat load of ammo out it, and we’re ready to tell you guys all about it.

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New Wilson Combat .223/5.56mm Suppressor

Wilson combat has just announced a new Suppressor product for .223/5.56mm firearms. Produced of titanium to reduce additional muzzle weight.

It also features a design allowing the gun owner to add or remove it quick and easy with it’s enhanced muzzle break interface.

• Titanium Construction For Minimal Added Muzzle Weight
• Rapid Thread Attachment For Quick And Easy On / Off
• Includes Super Efficient Muzzle Break / Interface
• Caliber – .223 / 5.56mm
• Diameter – 1.5″
• Length – 6 5/8″
• Weight – 15 oz.

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Remington 887 Nitro Mag Tactical Review

Remington 887 Tactical Shotgun Review

A discussion I’ve been having quite often lately is, “which gun is best for home defense?” The topic usually narrows down to a pump shotgun (the sound when chambering it speaks all languages) and soon thereafter, the Remington Model 870 gets mentioned—and for good reason.  The Model 870 has been in our households, our police departments, and our military for over 60 years.

Anyone would be hard pressed to argue against the proven reliability, the demonstrated performance, and the ease of function that the Remington 870 has provided us with throughout the decades.  It’s because of these attributes associated with the Remington 870 that I was extremely excited to get my hands on Remington’s new shotgun, the Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical.  I was curious to see if the new shotgun addition deserved its own model line, or was it just a supped up Model 870 with a fancy name?

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FNH PS90 Review by George Parsons

FN Herstal PS90 Rifle Review

FN Herstal happens to be one of, if not the largest firearms manufacturer with over 100 countries using their firearms worldwide. Browning, Winchester, & FN companies fall within the umbrella of the Herstal Group. As an odd bit of obscure trivia, motorcycles, cars, buses, and armored vehicles are included in the company’s manufacturing history.

Adding to their rich production heritage are the P90 PDW for military and law enforcement use and the PS90 civilian carbine chambered in 5.7 x 28 mm and is one of the more unique weapons available to the civilian market today. It’s definitely one that draws substantial attention when displayed at various gun shops.

Are bullpup firearms a worthwhile option against conventional carbines? I suppose that’s a very individual question to answer, and certainly depends on the mission at hand. I’m personally a fan of bullpup designs provided they are completely reliable and are properly designed, which believe me can be asking a lot.

If one desires the compactness of an SBR or Short Barreled Rifle without all the paperwork hassles, this is certainly the best option. You get all the firepower and velocity of a full size weapon in a short, legal package. Ergonomics and ease of use definitely play a major role in the success of a bullpup as many have negative factors such as slower magazine changes due in part to a rearward position or clumsy controls, heavy trigger pulls since almost all of them operate with a linkage rod of some sort, and an overall strange feel when shouldering as compared with normal rifles.

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