ATF Chooses Glock Gen 4 for Agents

Glock Gen 4 for ATF

The ATF chose the Gen 4 Glock 22 and 27 .40 caliber pistols as their side arms of choice for the agents.  Here is the full press release from Georgia:

Smyrna, GA (Sept. 17, 2010) – The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) recently announced that it has awarded GLOCK, Inc. an unrestricted open market competitive firm-fixed-price Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) multiple-award contract.  After rigorous testing and evaluation including a 20,000 round endurance shoot and brutal environmental testing, the ATF not only awarded the contract to GLOCK, but also selected the GLOCK 22 Gen4 and 27 .40 caliber semi automatic pistols as their choice of duty weapon; demonstrating that GLOCK earned their trust and confidence.

The 10-year contract is valued at up to $40 million and the first ATF delivery orders have been placed. The terms provide additional Federal Agencies the opportunity to ride on the contract in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

“GLOCK is very proud to have been competitively selected by the ATF for this contract over all our competition,” said GLOCK Vice President Josh Dorsey.  “GLOCK was chosen for a duty weapon over all others due to the new design features of the Gen4 pistol and GLOCK’s Safe Action System as well as reliability and durability that have made GLOCK pistols famous.  GLOCK’s focus remains on providing safe, simple and fast pistols to those that go in harm’s way to protect the freedom that we all currently enjoy.  Our firearms are designed for these individuals to succeed and survive in any situation and we stand ready to not only meet U.S. Government requirements, but to exceed them.”

GLOCK pistols are the first choice among consumers and law enforcement, with 65% of agencies nationwide choosing to carry GLOCK.
(via ATF Press Release)

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Bushmaster ACR A-TACS Camo Pattern Coming Soon?

Bushmaster ACR ATAC Camo Pattern Reviews

Bushmaster ACR in A-TACS Camo
Since Shot Show 2010 a lot has been written about the A-TACS digital desert camouflage pattern. Various brands such as Bushmaster, Bushnell, Remington, and Emerson Combat are starting to release images of their gear all decked out in this wicked new pattern.

Bushmaster recently released an A-TACS M4 Type Carbine, Bushnell will soon release their Legend 1200 Laser Rangefinder in A-TACS, Remington the 870 shotgun and Emerson a new Combat Knife.  I have a feeling this pattern will be blowing up on many more new products in 2011 as well. In my opinion it’s the best desert camo design anywhere.

This leads me to the question, Will Bushmaster be releasing the ACR in A-TACS Camo pattern to the consumer market anytime soon? Based on the Images shown on the A-TACS website that may be the case.  Sound Off in the comment area!  Is this something you want to see from Bushmaster?

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EMA Tactical MGRIP

EMA Tactical M-GRIP

I see a lot of shooters using the magazine well on their carbines as a grip point, especially on SBR AR-15s.  EMA tactical has developed a product that will help facilitate this type of shooting called the MGRIP.  Its a very simple product intended to serve a very simple purpose–that’s to give an operator a very close grip.

I could see myself using this style of forward grip if I was operating an 11.5″ SBR designed for CQB.  I find it a little cumbersome when using an SBR in conjunction with a standard forward grip since my reaction hand is so close to the muzzle; I just feel more comfortable gripping the magazine well.  The EMA Tactical MGRIP would allow someone to not increase a failure to feed malfunction which can sometimes happen when gripping a carbine at the magazine well.

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Beretta PX4 Storm Pistol Review by Joshua Silverman

Beretta PX4 Review
The name “Beretta” carries with it a rich and storied history, and while for some it conjures images of fine shotguns or even a submachine gun, carbine or assault rifle, many know the Italian company as a producer of pistols. Models like their 92FS or M9, as used by numerous law enforcement agencies and the United States military, earned its place in history as the nine millimeter semiautomatic pistol that replaced the legendary 1911 .45 ACP in 1984. For some that’s sacrilegious, for others a sign of the times. Many view it as a natural progression and there are plenty of true believers who will argue whichever side they happen to believe in.

Arguments aside, what is certain is that Beretta is one of the most respected and legendary names in world firearms history.  The company knows how to make weapons that various world law enforcement agencies and militaries depend on to go “bang” every time such as the 92 series of pistols—which is one of the most recognizable pistol silhouettes in the shooting world.  Moving beyond the rich history of Beretta and its successes to-date, the next big thing in pistols from the Italian manufacturer is the PX4 Storm.

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